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Mr. Russells Class

a day in school

It was a busy day in MR Russell’s class. The class was doing a huge project. They were creating a invention that would change the world. There were many ideas such as a robot teacher, flying speakers and the weirdest of them all a jet boat than turns into a car, jet and helicopter. The class went to Paris to crown the winner. There was more than a thousand classes overall. They did activities in Paris such as cooking baking and many more. Now it was to rank all of the inventions. In third place a flying hoover, second floating couch but the winner was the flying, driving and sailing car.

The end

The duck with long toes

I was walking around a jungle when a very weird thing happened. A duck with long toes asked to be my friend. Of course I said yes, so me and my duck went on walking. At about seven o clock we stopped for dinner. it was beef and eggs. it was delish. Then we slept until one in the morning. I was awoke by the sound of flapping. My duck friend was flying away with his family. I said to myself “i didn’t realise they could fly”. then I heard ringing in my ear. I was dreaming the whole time ! well better go to school !!

The best day for colin and his mate ronan WEEK 12

It was a very busy day in Waterford but for a reason. A circus was in town. In fact the biggest one in the world. People say they have dancing elephants and hip hop tigers . About around 3 o clock  a kid named Colin and his mate Ronan  snuck into the circus by cutting open the side. When they arrived they saw  a happy elephant playing a violin  painted purple. They never saw anything like this until now. They were astonished! About a hour later the gardaí found them and brought them into the middle of the tent to two fluffy armchairs. They enjoyed  the circus.The END.