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Mr. Russells Class

???? ??: The Banana Who Commited Everything

A few billion years ago, there was this weird banana who had a life. He had grew legs and was able to speek a funny language. The banana met a heavy gorilla. “DONT EAT ME!” Said The Banana. The gorilla didnt understand him so he jumped up to catch it, but he missed and broke his head. After he met a black panther who loved bananas. The banana gave up on life, so he ran away as fast as the speed of light, but the panther caught him. The banana hated his existance so he letted the panther eat him.

Week 13: The Fishiest President of United Fish

The fishiest President of United Fish was a little bit worser than Fysh and his fish-slapping-association. Fysh and Fash had bad ideas, going to buy Cadburys chocolate or just the continuation of the Fish-slapping-association.

Fush and Fash were going to the ring of cods, they started to levitate into the air!

I was there and said to myself “I didn’t realise they could fly”. And so went on, The Levitating Fish (good name for a book).

The President of United Fish is called Fush. As I said before, he is worser than Fysh and hes way grumpier than Fysh’s mom…


Week 9: Trick or Fish

Fish went out Trick or Fishing with Fash. AliA was sick because of Fash. Fash made him eat a salmon which AliA hated.

Anyways, Fash had stupid plans but Fysh had even stupider plans because he didnt know how to trick or fish so he slapped the doorbell with Fosh (Fysh’s favourite toy). The door opens and Fysh And Fash said.

-Why are you awake at 3AM? You should be fishing sleeping.

The fish opened the door and saw a orange pumpkin.

 The orange one spoke first. He had first talked awful, so both Fysh and Fash left the door. ?

Week 8: The Last Fish

Day 348, Monday, 1:29PM

The day has come, the last fish that survived WWF (World War Fish). All the Soldiers of Fishmania had come to celebrate Feshire [pronounced: fe-sh-ear], The last fish.

While the Fishizent (President of All Fish) was speaking, Fysh was doing stupid stuff (again), slapping people with fish. He should’ve gotten an upgrade! Well he didn’t get an upgrade cause of Fash (I’m thinking that Fash is way worser). All I remember is this quote right here:

Feshire had a tough time in WWF, he knew he would die in any moment. His last words were: “I am doing this for you Fishmania” He had got shot.