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Waterford, Ireland


Mr. Russells Class

Flying Pigs

I was taking a walk through the country side when I came across a farm. The farm had all kinds of animals, cows’ goat’s and pigs. There was something strange about the pigs. They were wearing helmets and goggles. There pig sties also had a roof on them, and the farm dog was walking up and down past them like a guard. It was like they were in pig jail. As I went around the back of their jail house one pig was after escaping. I didn’t realise they could fly until I saw him take off like a plane.

Week 10:the war

once upon a time there was a war between monsters and robot. this war was a long war and lots of monster were killed and lots of robots were destroyed. The leader of the robots war a big red cape. The monster leader war a black pin. The robot leader was sure they were going to win but they had to make a back up plan. The monsters had the same idea “ the plan is to make big robot.” Said the robot leader “ we will make a big monster” said the monster leader. It was the day to fight the big monster and the big robot. To be continued.

week 9; the oranges and aliens battle

Once upon a time there was a battle between mutant oranges and aliens.  The aliens came down to earth to kill the oranges so they can take over earth. When the aliens came down to earth the orange one spoke first and said ‘why have you come down to earth today’. The aliens said ‘we have come down to earth to conquer it’. So that is what started the great war of the oranges and aliens. Two years later they were still fighting and the oranges were winning . Another two year later and most of aliens were dead . The aliens decided to give up the end.