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St. Stephen's De La Salle
Waterford, Ireland


Mr. Russells Class

Week 17 The weird statues

One day when I was walking around near the river in the park . They were weird statues there were multi colored. Like one had a red head ,yellow body and green legs and there were made out of wood . I took a photograph with my phone I showed it to my friends they said what are they . One of my friends said were are they I said in the park around the corner. When he left the house he went to the park when he got there they were gone he came back and told us they were gone and the never came back

Week 15 : The dog in the car

One day when I was walking I saw a car driving slowly down the road . I look in the window and saw a big furry dog . It was so cute the music was so loud the dog was barking and l climbed inside the vehicle . To get him home I loved playing with him  and he likes to sleep and eat . His owner started to put up poster to find him . The dogs name is buster and the owners phone number was on it . It was 08635350 he was not happy about this and he did not leave the house again.


WK14 The Golden Bees

One day out of nowhere there was golden bees all over my house I went outside the house for a look . When I got out they’re huge I hit them with a stick but it broke . They started flying after me I ran inside to be safe. So they are not going to get me and they got into the house so I took cover. With a sword I had in my sitting room they found me hiding. They started to attacking me I ran outside they started to group up they hurt my leg .



Week 13 The Birds

Once there was a boy named Jimmy , Jimmy  loved birds and he said i didn’t realise they could fly to his mam . She said you are so  silly she said to Jimmy . Jimmy was angry so angry he kicked his mam in the bum bum . His mam got angry and grounded him from going at birds . He stole his mams credit card to buy a ps4 and an xboxs one x . His mam caught him at the shop and brought him home to his dad . His dad got so angry he smashed his xbox and ps4 .      THE END

Week 12 Stuart the elephant

Once there was a elephant named Stuart kavanagh, Stuart loves to paint today. He painted himself purple and he was happy about himself being purple. His mam came up to him and said why are you painted purple. His mam said you are grounded for painting yourself purple. When he was grounded he played the violin he was happy playing the violin . Stuart’s mam was happy for him and he played it on street for money . But his mam had to be with him . All the time he is not in the house or he is grounded for longer. The went home .                THE END!!!!!


Once Jimmy got so angry at Chris because he broke his moms cars window. Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry ! said Chris.  You are not my friend anymore said Jimmy . Now go away Chris so Chris started crying at that moment he ran away . He ran home to his mommy to tell her . She got so angry she banned him . From  leaving the house and he had to pay the damage costs . Jimmy came over to say sorry to Chris for getting angry at him braking his moms car window. They were friends again !!! and they went to Jimmys house .        THE END!!!!

Week 11 Angry Chris

When Chris and jimmy woke up they went down stairs to make breakfast. So when they got into the kitchen they had cornflakes. Jimmy asked Chris if he what some toast he said yes he made it . Jimmy asked Chris if he wanted Nutella but no he  said I like marmite. Jimmy said ok and put on his toast and he was happy . They finally done breakfast jimmy got Chris and brought he home to his mam . His mam was happy he was home safe and sound jimmy went back home and ate his toast     THE END

Week 10: No chicken or chips

Once there was a boy named jimmy he had a friend named Chris the to loved . Chicken and chips the two  of them went to the shop and there was no chicken or chips there . So they got so angry they turned red and so they got turkey and chips . They went home and cooked the turkey and chips together . They ate the turkey and chips when they were finished it . They went to the shop again when they got there . They had the chicken and chips so they got angry again they went home and went to bed .


One day in the USA someone said that we are going to build a wall . Who Said it no other than  Donald Trump  Yes Donald Trump aka the Orange one spoke first . So he got his builders to start on the wall the next day. All the people Heard about it they were angry and started a RAID on the White House the  Police was there . So they had to Protect trump and the White House form the RAIDERS. They got ready to Attack the White House the police had guns loaded and ready to shoot . The police threw a bomb and killed all of the RAIDERS.