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St. Stephen's De La Salle
Waterford, Ireland


Mr. Russells Class

WK 27:The Temple!

Hi, my name is Josh. I like everything about lost Jungle Temples. One of my favourite movie’s are Indiana Jones. One day my dad and I went wondering in a massive jungle. It took along time to save enough money to go but we finally save enough. The jungle that we were going to had a Diamond in the centre of a temple that was built years ago. When we got there, there were two paths. My dad trusted me to go alone. He gave me a Book with his will in it for some reason. I got upset and these big monkeys came sprinting at us and we died. 🙂 

Wk 14:Santa has made a mistake?

Its Christmas eve and Santa is getting ready.The elves are getting the sleigh ready.The elves names are Don and Mon.They are going to the stables. When they got there ,Gold wasps were eating the reindeer.Don and Mon said,”it will do”.They grabbed them and tied them up on the sleigh.Santa came with the bag of presents,thew them on the sleigh and sprinkled some magic dust.The sleigh flew off and they went to Ireland.Santa flew to a modern looking house.He landed on the roof.Santa climbed in the chimney.Delivered the presents and came back up.The gold wasps were eating all decorations in the town.Christmas was ruined in that town.

Wk 13:Who Knew Bananas are rude?

Jim went down to the fruit and the disgusting vegetables store to get some fruit.Today was black Friday and sale for flying bananas.Jim seen the epic sale and bought every flying banana in stock.On the down side it only cost $200.29.Pretty expensive for some fruit.Jim ran back home and shouted,”MOM,FLYING BANANAS”!His mother shouted,”I DON’T CARE!Wait I didn’t realise they could fly.Are you sure there legit.”Lets see,”they said excitedly.Jim emptied the the bag and you needed to put them together  and it was hard.After one hour they were finally done.Jim pressed a button and the banana and it said,” get ripped off and no refunds LOSERS!

WK 12:Mr elephant

“Mr Elephant, the show is about to start,are you ready?”said the show master.Yes ,Yes,i’m ready. “Excellent”said the master. Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome Mr Elephant.First Mr Elephant painted a star on the center of the circus.Then he put glue all over his face and put purple glitter on him.After some dancing monkeys came out and played a lovely tune on the violin.Every one cheered and every one was happy.After the show the master said tho the crew,”I am happy with the show but Mr Elephant,you could have done better,but oh well.Mr Elephant was so mad that he ran at the master an stood on him and killed him.


Kids, it’s time for breakfast.”Hurry up or your dad is gonna eat all the crumpets,pancakes and Belgium waffles,”shouted mum.The kids came down the stairs and said I dibs the marmite. Mum said we are out of marmite sorry.Hey but I thought you didn’t like marmite anyway.Oh by the way she was talking to Jeremy. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.””Em i’m going to the bathroom”said dad.He was really going to his office to look in his secret stash.”Ah,here it is”said dad”,I got it.”He ran down stairs and said I found marmite and it is all mine.Mum sad,” Eh no its not,your grounded”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE                                                                                                                                                                                                        END!

Wk 10:The big RED thing.

A big fat red thing has appeared in the sky. All thought  scientists said that it was about six million miles away.Not that far. As the days went on, it got closer and closer.It got brighter and brighter too.  All the countries in the world got colder. The only heat you got was from a fire. Moon Jae -in said to launch 20,000 missiles at it but that sounds stupid to do.It was only two thousand miles away. People really thought it was the end of the world.Millions of people died.There was 7.7 billion people in the world but now Therese only 2.6 now. Eventually the big red thing crushed every one.

Wk 9:The weird party.

It was the 31st of October. Unfortunately it was pouring out so the kids could’t go trick or treating,but I could go to an adult only party.I dressed up as a banana and off I went.When I got there,the party owner pushed up to a stage and said your up next.The person that was speaking was dressed up weird. He was dressed up like that blue jelly thing in that movie Monsters vs Aliens but orange.The orange one spoke first.He spoke a load of bull crap.Then I was up but the down side was I had stage fright and I passed out.