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Mr. Russells Class

week15: the spoiled girl

A girl called Beverly she was very spoiled so one day she wanted to go to the shop she told her mam “give me money now.” The mam said “no not this time you went yesterday” Beverly said “please I hate you if you don’t give me money.” Her mam gave her money. On her way she saw a pole “Which way to the shops?” it panted. She said “none of your business and I’m not talking to a stupid pole.” “I hate everthing and everyone i’m going home” she said. When she got home she got arrested because she stole her mam’s money.                                 THE END

Week 14: the bees

The bees are a hard working little things they live in a hive up in a tree. Until one day I saw a bunch of them on the city tower they where huge. I stoped and looked for a second I did not get that the were on the city tower looking all above but they didn’t harm me. I went a little closer again and they where golden bees I have never seen bees like that and they looked like little statues soon up the road a truck that says bee keeper. The End

Week13: the farm

The farmer woke up and he said “I’m going to do lots of farm work to get it over and done.” He had a long day today and he had to go to town and get new stuff so he got his breakfast and started to do his work. While he was cleaning up the pig sty he saw pigs flying. “I didn’t realise they can fly” said the farmer he was very worried and called the PGI and they said ye we get that a lot just stay calm we will come and the PGI took care of them. THE END

week12: The Elephant

The story starts with an elephant called Bob it is a weird name for an elephant but that is his name. He was a happy fellow and he had a brother called Bobby. One day Bob found a can of paint so he found a paintbrush with it. He painted his violin purple. The owner was mad because firstly he painted the violin purple and he wasted all his paint. The elephant got punished and his mam and dad gave out to him and he was grounded for 2 years. the end


One fine day a boy called Marty woke up he was very hungry. He went down stairs his mam was making breakfast he was having egg and toast. His mam didn’t tell him what they were having because she knew he would give out about it. When breakfast was ready Marty came down “no”, he said,” I like marmite.” His mam gave out to Marty and she said”, you eat what I tell you to eat DO YOU UNDERSTAND,” he muttered”, yes mam.” So he had to eat egg on toast and he liked it. THE END

week10: the wanted man

One fine day a day called Bobby and he met a strange man on the street called Jay and they talked for a while. When they were finished talking he told his mam that he was a bit worried and told his mam” a man called Jay said come into my red car and I will get you lots of sweets”. His mam called the guards and said ” a man called Jay told my son come into his car” and the gaurds said ” we are looking for a man called jay and he got arrested.      the end

week9: The Horror Night

It was Halloween night and everybody was out trick or treating but there was a man they thought he was dressed up but he wasn’t. When they got home they turned on the tv they were watching spongbob and eating there sweets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               There mam was there and she said “can I turn on the news ” we said “yes” so she turned on news. When they turned on the news a man was on it and the man that they saw when outside and the news girl said “this man has escaped from jail.” They looked at there mam and she wasn’t there.                                                                                                                                                                                       THE                                                                                                                                                                                                                      END