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Mr. Russells Class

Week 13: The flying ducks

Once upon a time there was a boy named Jerry. Jerry went to the duck  pond to give bread to the ducks. Two ducks came out of the pond , Jerry was about to give them bread , but they started flying. I didn’t realised they could fly ,” said Jerry. The ducks were chasing Jerry around the pond. Take all the bread ,” said Jerry. The ducks ate the bread and Jerry ran back home. The ducks continued flying but they were tired The ducks in the lake and they got killed by a shark. Jerry was sad for the ducks. so Jerry lived happily ever after. The end.

Week 12: Tim the elephant

Once upon a time there was a boy called Johnny. Johnny wanted to get a elephant as a pet. So he went to the pet shop to get a elephant. But before he wanted to get a elephant, he wanted a violin. Johnny got an elephant and a violin. The elephant was in the garden and Johnny was in his room using the violin. Johnny painted the violin purple. Johnny went to the elephant. I will call you Tim ,” said Johnny. Tim was so happy to be called that. So Johnny and Tim had a happy live after all. The end.

Week 10: The red house

Once upon a time there was a boy called Johnny and his younger brother called Tim. Johnny and Tim couldn’t stay with there mum and dad anymore, so they had to find a different house to live in. I found a red house to live in ,” said Johnny. Let’s go in then ,” said Tim. Johnny and Tim went in the red house. They found a red livingroom , bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, attic and basement. This is perfect to live in ,” said Tim. Let’s go to the kitchen first ,” said Johnny. What should we eat ,” asked Tim. Let’s eat a burger ,” said Johnny. The end.