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Mr. Russells Class

Wk13 He can fly

once upon a time there was a boy named Jim. Jim had a pet. Jim’s pet was a crocodile . Jim’s dad worked in a nuclear liquid factory. It was take you son to work day so Jim went to his dads work at the nuclear liquid factory (he was told not to take his pet but he did anyway). So as Jim walked down the factory lane they saw experiments being done in all the rooms. They finally past Jim’s dads office and Jim’s pet crocodile fell into some nuclear liquid and flew Jim said I didn’t realize they could fly his dad said he can’t the liquid mutated him.

Elephant village

once a pon a time there was a Elephant named frog. Frog was a buissnes man he worked at the second hand violin shop whitch just recently been robbed. Frog had to get a new job. He was hired as a police man but the police station was blown up a few days later . He finally figured out that there was a criminal on the loose so he called  his friend Cat he painter. Cat grabbed his paintbrush and painted the criminal purple and the criminal was then blown up with his own bombs then he was sent to bury himself in a hole.                         The End

The melon rocket

On neptune there were three aliens . They travelled from house to house asking for melons. They needed melons for they’re melon powered rocket. They wanted to travel to Earth. They needed 5,000 melons to do so. They had 4,999 melons and then the planet was out of melons. In the end they threw in an apple and the rocket took of . The rocket had landed on Earth in Donald Trumps whitehouse . The orange one spoke first . I mean Donald Trump of course . He said he would jump into a volcano. Everyone cheered. The aliens hated Earth in the end