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Mr. Russells Class

Week 13: The Flying Bird

One Sunday morning I went for a walk in the woods it was a bright and sunny day.There was squirrels and rabbits running everywhere.It was very quiet and peaceful.There was nobody else around, just me and nature.The scenery was absolutely beautiful.I decided that I would have a bit of fun.So then I started chasing the squirrels and rabbits when I was running I heard a shuffling noise coming from the tree.I looked up and saw a birds nest hanging on a branch.There were two little birds in the nest.All of a sudden they spread their wings and flew away, I didn’t now they could fly

week 10: The new car

It was Jimmy’s eighteenth  birthday today and his parents had organised a surprise party for him. All his friends from college were invited. There were lots of food and music. At the end of the party, all of Jimmy’s friends gathered around to wish him a happy birthday and cut the cake. Then, Jimmy’s parents told him they had another surprise for him. They put a blindfold on Jimmy and lead him outside. All his friends gathered on the street. Jimmy was so anxious wondering what the surprise could be! Jimmy’s parents removed the blindfold and in front of Jimmy was a brand new red car. It was the best present ever!!