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Week 9: Trick or Fish

Fish went out Trick or Fishing with Fash. AliA was sick because of Fash. Fash made him eat a salmon which AliA hated.

Anyways, Fash had stupid plans but Fysh had even stupider plans because he didnt know how to trick or fish so he slapped the doorbell with Fosh (Fysh’s favourite toy). The door opens and Fysh And Fash said.

-Why are you awake at 3AM? You should be fishing sleeping.

The fish opened the door and saw a orange pumpkin.

 The orange one spoke first. He had first talked awful, so both Fysh and Fash left the door. ?

1 thought on “Week 9: Trick or Fish”

  1. I have finally make a fishy story (again). Too bored to make a different one because all I can talk about is fish. I might have other ideas for stories. Stay fishy! ?

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