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Month: November 2019

Week13: the farm

The farmer woke up and he said “I’m going to do lots of farm work to get it over and done.” He had a long day today and he had to go to town and get new stuff so he got his breakfast and started to do his work. While he was cleaning up the pig sty he saw pigs flying. “I didn’t realise they can fly” said the farmer he was very worried and called the PGI and they said ye we get that a lot just stay calm we will come and the PGI took care of them. THE END

Elephant village

once a pon a time there was a Elephant named frog. Frog was a buissnes man he worked at the second hand violin shop whitch just recently been robbed. Frog had to get a new job. He was hired as a police man but the police station was blown up a few days later . He finally figured out that there was a criminal on the loose so he called  his friend Cat he painter. Cat grabbed his paintbrush and painted the criminal purple and the criminal was then blown up with his own bombs then he was sent to bury himself in a hole.                         The End

Week 12: Tim the elephant

Once upon a time there was a boy called Johnny. Johnny wanted to get a elephant as a pet. So he went to the pet shop to get a elephant. But before he wanted to get a elephant, he wanted a violin. Johnny got an elephant and a violin. The elephant was in the garden and Johnny was in his room using the violin. Johnny painted the violin purple. Johnny went to the elephant. I will call you Tim ,” said Johnny. Tim was so happy to be called that. So Johnny and Tim had a happy live after all. The end.

Wk12 purple elephant

So once there was a boy named bob he had a pet it wasn’t a normal pet.It was a purple elephant it wasn’t naturally purple bob painted the elephant purple.But the elephant was able to play the violin.Bob was bring the purple elephant and bob felt really happy.Know one knew why bob was so happy.but secretly bob was planing a surprise birthday for the purple elephant.So when bob went home and he left the elephant waiting outside when bob called the purple elephant in there was the surprise of the elephants the elephant was soo happy!!!?

Week 12 Dumbo The Elephant

Once  a pon an time in Brazil Rio.There was an happy elephant that loved painting everyday.The elephant’s name was Dumbo.One day Dumbo had to paint himself for a art competition of elephants. Dumbo now was very excited because his owner got him new colours. Such  as Red,Yellow,Purple and violet. Dumbo had all ready painted himself for a competition but since he got new colours he decided to do it again.Dumbo owner really wanted Dumbo to win because the prize was a special violin and 10.00 euro. When Dumbo enter the competition and gave you his art work to the judges and cried.After wining the competition.

WK 12:Mr elephant

“Mr Elephant, the show is about to start,are you ready?”said the show master.Yes ,Yes,i’m ready. “Excellent”said the master. Ladies and gentlemen,please welcome Mr Elephant.First Mr Elephant painted a star on the center of the circus.Then he put glue all over his face and put purple glitter on him.After some dancing monkeys came out and played a lovely tune on the violin.Every one cheered and every one was happy.After the show the master said tho the crew,”I am happy with the show but Mr Elephant,you could have done better,but oh well.Mr Elephant was so mad that he ran at the master an stood on him and killed him.

The best day for colin and his mate ronan WEEK 12

It was a very busy day in Waterford but for a reason. A circus was in town. In fact the biggest one in the world. People say they have dancing elephants and hip hop tigers . About around 3 o clock  a kid named Colin and his mate Ronan  snuck into the circus by cutting open the side. When they arrived they saw  a happy elephant playing a violin  painted purple. They never saw anything like this until now. They were astonished! About a hour later the gardaí found them and brought them into the middle of the tent to two fluffy armchairs. They enjoyed  the circus.The END.

week12: The Elephant

The story starts with an elephant called Bob it is a weird name for an elephant but that is his name. He was a happy fellow and he had a brother called Bobby. One day Bob found a can of paint so he found a paintbrush with it. He painted his violin purple. The owner was mad because firstly he painted the violin purple and he wasted all his paint. The elephant got punished and his mam and dad gave out to him and he was grounded for 2 years. the end

Week 12 Stuart the elephant

Once there was a elephant named Stuart kavanagh, Stuart loves to paint today. He painted himself purple and he was happy about himself being purple. His mam came up to him and said why are you painted purple. His mam said you are grounded for painting yourself purple. When he was grounded he played the violin he was happy playing the violin . Stuart’s mam was happy for him and he played it on street for money . But his mam had to be with him . All the time he is not in the house or he is grounded for longer. The went home .                THE END!!!!!

Music to my ears

One day there was an enormous elephant called Eddie who was part of the Circus.His master was a mean old man who painted Eddie purple to perform for the Circus.That made Eddie very sad so he decided to run away.He hears a wonderful sound and decides to follow it.He sees a little boy playing the violin.The Little boy lives all alone on the street.The little boy and Eddie became good friends.The boy plays the violin while Eddie dances to the music.They  make lots of money together and they both made each other very happy and lived happily ever after.


Once Jimmy got so angry at Chris because he broke his moms cars window. Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry ! Sorry ! said Chris.  You are not my friend anymore said Jimmy . Now go away Chris so Chris started crying at that moment he ran away . He ran home to his mommy to tell her . She got so angry she banned him . From  leaving the house and he had to pay the damage costs . Jimmy came over to say sorry to Chris for getting angry at him braking his moms car window. They were friends again !!! and they went to Jimmys house .        THE END!!!!


Kids, it’s time for breakfast.”Hurry up or your dad is gonna eat all the crumpets,pancakes and Belgium waffles,”shouted mum.The kids came down the stairs and said I dibs the marmite. Mum said we are out of marmite sorry.Hey but I thought you didn’t like marmite anyway.Oh by the way she was talking to Jeremy. “No,” he said, “I like marmite.””Em i’m going to the bathroom”said dad.He was really going to his office to look in his secret stash.”Ah,here it is”said dad”,I got it.”He ran down stairs and said I found marmite and it is all mine.Mum sad,” Eh no its not,your grounded”                                                                                                                                                                                                                       THE                                                                                                                                                                                                        END!

My mate marmite

Jim’s cousin Billy was on holidays from Australia visiting his family in Ireland.At breakfast everyone was having toast with Nutella and peanut butter.Jim said to his cousin “do you want Nutella or peanut butter on your toast ?”. “No I like marmite”he said.”Ugh marmite, what’s that?”everyone said together .”Its something that you put on toast, it looks like gravy and I love the saltiness, but in Australia, we call it Vegemite” he said. “It’s what crocodile Dundee eats”said Bill.”Crocodile Dundee?” Said everyone “.”Well if its good enough for him, it’s good enough for us, now give me some marmite mate”

Week 11 Angry Chris

When Chris and jimmy woke up they went down stairs to make breakfast. So when they got into the kitchen they had cornflakes. Jimmy asked Chris if he what some toast he said yes he made it . Jimmy asked Chris if he wanted Nutella but no he  said I like marmite. Jimmy said ok and put on his toast and he was happy . They finally done breakfast jimmy got Chris and brought he home to his mam . His mam was happy he was home safe and sound jimmy went back home and ate his toast     THE END


One fine day a boy called Marty woke up he was very hungry. He went down stairs his mam was making breakfast he was having egg and toast. His mam didn’t tell him what they were having because she knew he would give out about it. When breakfast was ready Marty came down “no”, he said,” I like marmite.” His mam gave out to Marty and she said”, you eat what I tell you to eat DO YOU UNDERSTAND,” he muttered”, yes mam.” So he had to eat egg on toast and he liked it. THE END

Week 10 The Colours

It was a beautiful day for Green.Green was talking to red [who was on his pc writing about his school project.) So what colour would you change two if you could Red? said Green.`I would change two` (I would change two blue) said the Orange first.(No one asked you  Orange)said Green (Ok i was just giving my opinion) said Orange.(just leave it Green)said Red.(So what was your answer anyways Red?)asked Green.(I guess it would be violet ya violet.)(What colour would you be Green?) asked Red (I would be what's up dog)said Green what colour is what's up dog? asked Orange (nothing much how about you?) said Green

week 10: The new car

It was Jimmy’s eighteenth  birthday today and his parents had organised a surprise party for him. All his friends from college were invited. There were lots of food and music. At the end of the party, all of Jimmy’s friends gathered around to wish him a happy birthday and cut the cake. Then, Jimmy’s parents told him they had another surprise for him. They put a blindfold on Jimmy and lead him outside. All his friends gathered on the street. Jimmy was so anxious wondering what the surprise could be! Jimmy’s parents removed the blindfold and in front of Jimmy was a brand new red car. It was the best present ever!!

Week 10: The red house

Once upon a time there was a boy called Johnny and his younger brother called Tim. Johnny and Tim couldn’t stay with there mum and dad anymore, so they had to find a different house to live in. I found a red house to live in ,” said Johnny. Let’s go in then ,” said Tim. Johnny and Tim went in the red house. They found a red livingroom , bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, attic and basement. This is perfect to live in ,” said Tim. Let’s go to the kitchen first ,” said Johnny. What should we eat ,” asked Tim. Let’s eat a burger ,” said Johnny. The end.

Week 10: No chicken or chips

Once there was a boy named jimmy he had a friend named Chris the to loved . Chicken and chips the two  of them went to the shop and there was no chicken or chips there . So they got so angry they turned red and so they got turkey and chips . They went home and cooked the turkey and chips together . They ate the turkey and chips when they were finished it . They went to the shop again when they got there . They had the chicken and chips so they got angry again they went home and went to bed .

week10: the wanted man

One fine day a day called Bobby and he met a strange man on the street called Jay and they talked for a while. When they were finished talking he told his mam that he was a bit worried and told his mam” a man called Jay said come into my red car and I will get you lots of sweets”. His mam called the guards and said ” a man called Jay told my son come into his car” and the gaurds said ” we are looking for a man called jay and he got arrested.      the end