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Week9 horror attraction part 3

I look out into the hallway with my flashlight and what I saw was was a woman with a pale white face with blood all over her and a mouth the size of her body .sitting down she saw me and screamed so loud my ears were bleeding .she started walking closer and closer so I locked the door minutes later she was gone. I went down stairs to investigate she looked like the person in the painting in the hallway .and on her lap was a little girl. the light was on in the basement I went down into the basement. Down the creaky stairs to the door woundered what was behind the door

1 thought on “Week9 horror attraction part 3”

  1. I wouldn’t be as brave as this person after seeing a sight like that. I might be asking someone else to check. The full stops make it easy to read this story. You can make it easier for the reader by leaving a space after the full stops.
    Auckland, New Zealand

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