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The safe smacker wk9

once upon a time a loooooooooonnnnnnngggggg time ago there was a women called the rubble bandit. She was the best bandit ever. At least she was but her career ended when she tried to rob boriss! He was the richest man in town. So one day rubble broke into borisses house, he’s been stalking boriss for years so he knows where boriss keeps his safe. But rubble didn’t crack safes no she SMACKED THEM. “I gotta get to his bathroom”she said. “That’s where his safe is”she said. “Ahh found it”she said “Oi what r u doin” said Boris . “I’m calling the cops”. And with that he did. “Rats”said            Rubble. “I wonder what was behind the door of the safe”sha said

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