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Week-3 Oppisite day

Once upon a time on the 59 of March when it came 12 o clock the clock hands should of been going forward but it semmed to be going backwards. But that didn’t stop him living his. When bob went to the supermarket with his mam he got a  packet of Doritos were 0.01 which actually means €1. So when he was going home eating is crisps he tought of an idea so he said to his mam “mam is it not law to what ever the price say you have to give it them”his mam said yes. So they drove to lambogeiny shop and one €10

1 thought on “Week-3 Oppisite day”

  1. Terry Team100WC England

    Hi Ezechiel, I found this a very interesting story. I like the way honesty won in the end and how you showed things going backwards, seemingly. You have told the story in a clear and easy to follow way and it flows well. Next time try and remember that place names start with a capital letter.

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