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Wk2-the Gas mask

Once back in WW2 ,in Aushwitz concentration camp ,there was a teacher named Ms Mauve .She had a pond with an alligator in it.All the Jewish people were sent to a concentration camp.There was a boy named Vladimir.He tried to climb the walls, it was very tricky.One day he got caught and he was put to death by gas.53 years later he woke from the dead.He had a gas mask on him when he woke.He went and killed the kkk because they did the Hitler sign and now anyone that does the Hitler sign they will get killed by Vladimirs ghost.

4 thoughts on “Wk2-the Gas mask”

  1. Hi Dylan,
    I like the way Vladimir didn’t support Horrible Hitler. Great story and keep up the amazing work.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class (last year)

  2. I had to read this from behind my chair Dylan!!!! What a scary story! But it’s a great one too, lots of imagination gone into this. Well done!

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