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The Toast Killer wk2

One day the teacher went to eat her toast and when she opened her lunch box the Toast was murdered . She called detective alligator he was puzzled  the Toast was in the box so who would kill him. He found a track of mouse underwear’s they lead to the roaf he climbed a ladder then he saw the Killer . The Killer was on the run throwing mouse underwear’s at the decective it was tricky to catch him but the Killer fell and decective alligator fought him it was the teacher all along naughty teacher.


3 thoughts on “The Toast Killer wk2”

  1. Hi Sebastien,
    I like the part when Detective Alligator finally caught the killer. I hope you write more stories.

    From Fortune in Mr.Russell’s class (last year)

  2. Oh wow Sebastien!!! I never saw that ending coming! What a naughty teacher!!!! I think the most terrifying thing in your story was having a mouse’s underwear being thrown at you – that’s the stuff of nightmares!!!!! Keep up the good work and well done on writing such a good story for your first 100 Word Challenge!

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