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29:The worst place on earth

When I was at the worst place in the world.It was misty nothing to be seen.I frantically ran for my life so I would be late.When I went into my class my checks were the brightest crimson you ever seen.All the kids shouted I will prefer that this place was hell.I thought that I was in grave danger and I thought that I was also dreaming but I was not.I awake in a chair in fort of a table with people around me I was terrified.My teacher looked like the devil because he gives us to much homework.So I know I was in school.

1 thought on “29:The worst place on earth”

  1. Liam Rogers (Team 100) - Milton Keynes, England

    Well done at a great 100 word challenge response Tom. You have worked the prompts in effectively and you have told a captivating story! Remember to check your spellings, for instance ‘too’ much homework and ‘front’ rather than ‘fort of a table.’

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