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St. Stephen's De La Salle
Waterford, Ireland

Month: April 2018

WK29 Creppy Harry

One creepy and misty night I went to the grave stone of mad harry they say if you say his 5 times and he will come back to life. I shouted his name 5 times in a flash an explosion he was standing there shaking acting m mad he started following me I stared running frantically he grab my hand and crimson stared dripping from his mouth. He pulled me trying to put me in his grave I was crying saying stop but he wouldn’t let go he hit me with a shovel and put me in his grave and no won new I was gone.

WK:29 african espionage

Day one,a day you’ll never forget,is a cruel crimson dungeon such as doing something small and unaffective like when you shouted’hey whats up’to your friend and a afro headed woman who looks like a pig  did her make up comes and slaps you with a cane in the bum.I ran frantically to find the quickest misty thing to ware out the pain,nothing did,.You see when an african espionage teacher or parent gives you an enchanted slap its like your already at your grave but you have not arrived yet. And the worst thing is they know where to hit you because they have this kind of espionage sense. so beware.

Wk29 the grave

It was a cold wet misty night when Steve was going to his grandmothers grave. He brought here coin but he dropped it and worried. He was looking around frantically when he turned around he saw a man with a crimson mask. He was so scared he shouted as loud as he could but no one heard him he was being chased by the person. He ran as fast as he could but he wasn’t making progress. He stopped and looked at the person the person was starting to mask off when they it was his grandmother 

Wk 29; Hide and Seek

It was a cold and misty night.   Me and my brother Jack were playing hide and seek because we thought it would be scary.   I started on, I had to count to 60.  We began at our house.    When 60 was up I started looking for him.   I searched frantically for him and could not find him, then I realized I have not looked in the graveyard yet, when I got there one grave really stood out and it was my brothers name , date of birth  and when he died which was when I finished counting .   When I got home on the halls wall it said in crimson red,  YOUR NEXT.      NOOOOO!!! I shouted

WK29: The Fricnight

One scary night, I went to a crimson fair. When I got to the fair, I was frantically excited to go on the Fricnight. It was the scariest place at the fair. I had to pay 2.00 to go inside the Fricnight.

When I was inside the Fricnight, I saw lots of spooky stuff like a grave, bats, ghost and e.t.c.

After that, I had to overcome a quest to get out of this spooky,misty Fricnight. Luckily, I overcomed it.

Next, I went to the exit to get out of the Fricnight but it was locked. I shouted for help and luckily I got out of there.


I like to watch the stars at night and through my telescope I saw the weirdest thing falling from the sky. I decided to investigate,  it was easy to find because of the cloud of smoke that rising up into the sky. I seemed to be the only one noticed it because i was the only one there.  Right in  front of my eyes i saw two gigantic legs but i wondered where the rest of it was?  I searched the area and found the upper body of it, it was quiet deep into the ground. I called the Police just in case it was dangerous and now the upper body sits in a museum while the legs are still stuck in the ground.

WK28: The Unfinished Statue

Once, there was rich man named Mike. He wanted to build a statue of himself in the forest. Mike called a group of builders to build the statue for him.The builders took 2 weeks for them to build the wooden statue.

After the builders built the statue, a colourful woodpecker came to the statue. The woodpecker pecked the statue then the statue fell down. The only part left of the statue, was its legs.

Next, Mike came back to the forest to see his wooden statue. By the time he got there, it was a mess. Mike wanted to build another but he thought to himself it’s be a waste of money to build another one. 

The Mighty Core of Tecton

One very dark day in New York, a group full of superheroes were ready to go against there nemesis Thanorus the conquerer of Gavewill a planet were the superheroes in the team are from.The super heroes are Tecton with his healing powers and his laser hands,Catgirl with her 9 life’s and finally the two (Normos who can still help).The next day a very odd day Thanorus was once again causing trouble.Everyone tried to run away but Although they ran quickly,they were still not making enough progress they still ran though.Tecton and the of the team appeared sliding down to Thanorus will he defeat  than ours or get heavily defeated by than ours to be continued

Week27 athletes club

Hi my name is jimmy,I run for the local athletics club down in the Rsc  in Waterford I have four friends Bob , Tony  , Keeley and Andy. We are in a big cross country race  today and Bob is very scared and I have butterflies in my stomach. Keeley was feeling sick  inside about who was out there Tony and Andy were fine then the big race came me and Andy were a little bit ahead. Keeley  and Tony  although they ran quickly ,they were still not making enough progress in the end me and Andy came 1st and 2nd Keeley came 3th tony came 4th we all went home feeling like winners





WK:27 indomie noodles

As I was on my phone i saw this man selling free indomie,as you all know I love indomie. This man was only allowed to sell these noodles only if he was to run the African food marathon,this happens every year. He runs with other people although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress, but he won. The net day I was really happy because today was the day he could sell these delicious noodles. I  ran and surprisingly there was nobody in the line. I asked where the people were to the man and he smacked his lips at me, really weird like mtsw. I went home with a really sad face but then kfc cheered me up when he said free chicken for everyone go quick .And  after that I went home happy again.

WK27: The Running Competition

One sunny day, three brisk,thin boys named Fortune, Collins and Excel entered a running competition for their school.

The next day, they went to the competition. There were 4 courses of the competition. Fortune, Excel and Collins failed the 3 courses of the competition so they were down to the last course.

The last course initiated and they were last place. Although, they ran quickly, there were still not making enough progress because they didn’t work together.

Next, their P.E teacher hollered out “Work Together”. Fortune, Collins and Excel harkened to the P.E teacher so they won the last course.

After that, they got back to school with their medals on their neck.

the 4 yellow masks

It’s late at night, my name is Josh and by the way I am a spy. On my usual mission I normally wear my special spy gear but unfortunately tonight I left headquarters without it my plan was thin and will be hopeless without it.  Tonight I have a big mission, there is a huge gang going to rob the biggest jewellers in town.  The gang all wear yellow masks to hide there faces.  When I arrived at the shop they had already broke it.  There was a tiny circle in the window, and a few of the shiny jewels had gone and 4 yellow masks on the ground….. to be continued.

Wk 26 ; My superhero name

“Hi i’m a superhero  in training , And my name is …   and that’s my problem I don’t have a super duper superhero name yet.    To become a superhero you need to do lots and lots of special course’s, and i’m on my last  one  and it’s on in one hour.     When the time came I found out what my mission was, it to save a thin yellow dummy falling into a tiny shiny river ,but something  very unexpected  happened  the person who was setting up the river falling actually fell into the river I thought he was hopeless until  I aborted my superhero mission to save this superintended. I pulled him out of the river and then it came to me my super duper superhero name came to me.    And my name is elastic fish tastic  boy.

WK26: The Bike Competition

Once, lived a thin,tiny girl named Danielle. She’s a very good cyclist so she signed herself up for a bike competition. 

When Danielle got to the competition, the other cyclists said to her that she was tiny and it was hopeless for her to win. It hurt Danielle’s feelings but she put the hurtful words aside then she focused on the competition.

Next, Danielle was on the ramp with her shiny yellow BMX bike to do her bike skills. She was done lot of great bike moves and luckily she won the competition.

After Danielle won the competition, the cyclists who said hurtful words to Danielle, apologised to her.

After that, Danielle went home being ecstatic.