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Wk19 The creature

I looked up there was a black liquid in the drainpipe. It is a creature that can travel quick by turning into a black liquid. I ran for my life. It came down the drainpipe after me. I found a shed to hide in but the creature evolved into his strongest form. I stood back to the end of the shed and it broke the door down . l found a sharp object and stabbed the creature but nothing happend. It charged at me I ran through it’s legs and bulleted down the street. I think I lost it Waaaaaaaaaaa. “Wow that was a dream I thought it was real”.

1 thought on “Wk19 The creature”

  1. hi Ben,c i liked your story because i loved the way something was in the drain pipe. it reminds me of a game i used to play i wonder why there was black liquid in the drain pipe good bye from kacper Mrs Boyce Class

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