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Demon attack

once there was a happy planet but one day a giant rock from space fell from the sky plummeting everything in it’s path once the rock stopped it slowly brought in haft unleashing darkness. across the world as three stone looken statues slowly emerged from the rock once a single foot landed on the planet the entire planet. turned into stone and everything touching it turned to stone as well. 100,000 years later. The entire world slowly crumbles to dust leavening nothing but dust as the demons leave and another planet to turn in to dust

5 thoughts on “Demon attack”

  1. Hi Faustas
    I really like your story because its interesting.
    It was my favourite story today.
    bye for now Marc
    Mrs boyces class

  2. Hi Fausta.
    Very scary and cool.
    But there is a few spelling mistakes and when you said once upon a time you needed a cap for once.
    Also it starts of really simple and normal and then demonds just fall out of the sky suprising but strange don’t you think they could have done it for a reason.

  3. Hello Faustas. I really like how you used the picture prompt to explain how these statues came to be. You used your imagination very well. Just remember to read over to check for full stops and capital letters.

  4. Wow. This story is kind of creepy and good!! I would be super scared if my planet turned to dust, wouldn’t you? I wonder how this all happened. Give us some more details next time maybe. Keep up the great writing!
    Mrs Long, St Charles IL 100wc

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