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Month: January 2018

WK18: The Grisly Princess

Back in the 1800, an amiable prince called Prince Charles told 3 audacious vigorous men called Francis,James & Strongbow to go to a lofty tower where a princess lived and she was guarded by a atrocious dragon.

They got to the tower then they defeated the dragon without putting a finger on her.

After that, the men ran up the tower as briskly as the could then they saw a door. James,Strongbow & Francis opened the door and saw a grisly non-kissable princess. The Men said “You’re blinding my eyes. I think you want to kill me” in a doleful voice.

At the end, the princess’s ugliness killed them. Nowdays there’s a terribly-drawn statue of the 3 men in Waterford,Ireland. IT’S NOT TRUE !!!

WK:18 The Sacrifice

Once apon a time a evil lady called Medusa ruled the world who ever didn’t listen to her will turn to stone she lived in a castle of stone and the people lived in a village of stone sorrunding .Medusa ‘s castle. But three people never listened to her there names were Alex, Mia,and sally. They always steal food and make trouble so Medusa had a plan freeze them to stone so she kidnapped them alex said”that we must escape so they did but Mia stayed to look at Medusa’s snake hair and turned into stone so did sally and Alex but it didn’t go to vain.

Demon attack

once there was a happy planet but one day a giant rock from space fell from the sky plummeting everything in it’s path once the rock stopped it slowly brought in haft unleashing darkness. across the world as three stone looken statues slowly emerged from the rock once a single foot landed on the planet the entire planet. turned into stone and everything touching it turned to stone as well. 100,000 years later. The entire world slowly crumbles to dust leavening nothing but dust as the demons leave and another planet to turn in to dust

WK18 084281 SpAcE sHuTeL emergency

In 2025 October the fifth. A space  shutel crashed down in to the earth it was a it was like a meatheor it wiped out Europe all country . The fuel tank was a Qauter full the space shutel didn’t even get out of the aspmissfer hbdsbhdkjhds sorry the connection got lost for a sec . NASA got sued and the Bissnues shut NASA had to pay trillions now the earth is down to 4 billion people now we are lucky the shutel didn’t. Crash the moon we would have all died no way  NASA is gonna and another  ship hjhjkhkckbuXkhajdj no I’m losing u ibdcwweedee connection lost

Wk18 The ancient stone warriors.

There once was a stone  village that loads of people lived there. Then two years later the stone warriors came to the village. Then the stone warriors attaked the village . And one person got turned into stone  and he was stuck in the stone for ever. But one family escaped to the city near the village. Then they stayed  in the city but one night the stone warriors went and found the family.  And then they turned the family into stone .but they could still move a little bit so then they went to shelter . Because it was snowing really badly and when the snow stopped they went out but then they were stuck in stone for ever. And could not move.

Wk 18 the stone people

On the first day on earth . Stone people were alive then .  You would see them everywhere but.  There is only there left in the world. So you would see one in your life time.  You would like to be a stone person right. Ok let’s start with close your eyes next spin around and fall.  Then u should fell u can’t move .  But open your eyes and it’s so different . Talk say a word .  Now you fell for my trap haha. I will make a lot of money. Hahahaha  u be my first victim and bye bye see ya.

2small men 1 tall women

In 1990 lived 3 big man thay had sons one was called Jim The  2nd man had a son his name was Eugene the 3rd man was unlucky he got a daughter her name was Mad usa. When  madusa was younger  she looked at her mother and she turned to stone. Madusa married a man called jimmy, 2years larer  madusa turned poor jimmy into stone I liked him but Madusa hated him all she wanted was his money the lived in a castle far away .  The guards saw the prince in this state the guards were socked Madusa was on the throne that means madusa is Queen.

Wk 18 the steal back

One day ther  was a family of three the family’s names are Jon Mark and Ava. But this family had a power to turn to stone Jon was only 8 they where all secret agents that worked for the f.b.i they got a call to go on a secret mission this was Jons first time. They had to infiltrate the made man named Zach and his henchman Andy. So the family of heroes used ther ability to turn to stone to steal back the warlord biggest diamond they fond Zach and Andy. So they defeated them and got the diamond back.

Wk18:The Teapot heads

Once upon a time there was a family of teapot head monsters that would be stone at morning but alive at night so they’re kind of nocturnal.

When it was night they would attack you if they are awake and steal your TEA especially the green tea and you know we all I love my green tea.

And then at morning people would drink tea from their teapot looking heads, but at least I can take my tea back in the morning, beacause I brought like 20 cups.

It was very very worth it the green tea is the best, Drink it with sweets.

WK18: The three men

There was once a terrible person who could kill people, and then turn them to stone. His name was Venquis, and everybody hated him. One horror filled day, three brothers were on their way to the market,when Venquis barged in and turned everyone to stone. Well, everybody except the three brothers, who somehow escaped away from Venquis living. However, it didn’t last long, because Venquis caught up with them, killed them, then turned their bodies to stone. He then got their stone bodies, got them, then showed them to the public. Everyone now follows his orders as slaves to him.

Wk:18 Wumanji

One day a boy and a girl were bored and they decided to play a game. They played an old board game they found in the attic. They started to play but they got sucked into the game. They had to finish the game to get out. So they rolled the dice the boy got a six and the girl got a four. They moved up in the board the boy landed on a move up three he was only two spaces away. The girl rolled the dice she got a six and on the end and the boy got a three and escaped.

These ugly ugly people that make you blind and deaf

 One day outside a cafe on a nice fine fine day. There was a family that were very very ugly. That if you ever looked at them you would go blind and if you heard them talking you would go deaf I walked past them I looked at them I went blind then next Minuite they said to me are you ok wat happened. Then I went deaf. I could never ever see again and I would never ever hear again. The people were not allowed in public again so they could not do any more damage to other people

WK:18 Johnny oh johnny oh

One day johnny was getting married to a woman called yemi  Alade and they got married. The next day jhonny went to another woman talking to her without yemi knowing,and after went to another girl and did the same. The next day he went to a news reporter and announced that he was the new boss of Lagos community centere without the real boss knowing, johnny was becoming a lier nower days. The next day all the girls came that Johnny had cheated on including yemi and chased him because he was cheating.The news reporter came and said these girls said u have been cheating now they,re going to beat u so I suggest u run. They chased johnny and beat him till he turned into stone.

WK18 The spy penguins

There once was penguins very funny penguins but they weren’t any old penguins they were penguins that were spy’s.They looked like statues they spyed on all crucks they once caught a alien boy who robbed a bag of crips and a bottle of water.But at one time he found a dog/cat girl type of thing she tried to rob the biggest bank in the world so she tried she poisoned the guards then robbed the bank.Suddenly the penguins showed up they turned into manikins and tripped her over and went to jail and sentenced to death and to never to be seen again.THE END

Wk18 The frozen helpers

This is a story about a king and his helpers. This story is based in the year 170. The king would send out his helpers to go and get people and bring him to the king so he could get people to help in his kingdom. One day when three helpers went out to get someone for the kingdom it turned out the person he went out to get was a superhero. When they tried to get the superhero he fought them off and put a spell on them. That made them into penguin statues and they never got out of the spell. Now there outside a museum.

Wk18 The three flat head stoned penguins

On one very hot day in a poor countery. There were 3 stone like penguins, that lived like a human family. “Oh what a beautiful day to go fishing”, said the daddy penguin. “I thwink so to dwaddy” said the baby penguin. (By the way the baby penguin can’t talk probably). But when there were walking they stoped next to a restaurant, and smelled some cooked,fish. The daddy penguin went fishing and the baby went to the restaurant. Mommy penguin was already fishing. When the baby stoped eating he saw he’s parents with a lot of fish. “Come here” said mommy penguin. They had a good dinner and fell asleep so quickly after eating. The end


Wk18 don’t mess with me

One day a ugly smelly grossly looking man called bush man made a michine  that will turn people into stone but they didn’t know that he will turn them into his slave. People think that they will going on vacation one day later all this came and tried it out everyone tried it but this African women said no no oh African Olodo Rabta what are you trying to do here oh .You go into it then I will go oh bush man said no the women took powdiyam from here bag and threw it at him eyes he got knock out then stud on him and ate jellof rice and ruled the world.

Wk18:Metal people

Welcome to the secret society of the metal people.The tall metal man spoke “welcome if you want to be here you will have to be a metal person”. A small child peeped up and said I want to be a metal person.So the large metal man picked him up  and dangled him above a large vat of metal.He dropped him the other people looked in horror as the child crawled out and looked like a metal person.Then the rest of the people had the same thing happen to them.After all of this happened they invaded the surface.Suddenly a wizard popped up and un metalafied the people and froze the evil metal man.

WK18 The town of stone

There once was a town where everything and everyone was made from stone and even the water well stone water anyway there was a very unusual they weren’t made from stone. But two years later everyone and everything was normal but the human family were made of stone now and they were penguins. They started an army they called themselves the stone army. They captured every one in every planet and came across a carbonate person flying they called him stone solo because they turned him into stone. They’re home was blown up so they went somewhere else somewhere  called ach-to.

WK 18:Medusa The Snake Lady

Once upon a time there was a lady called “Medusa”, she had a power that she could turn people into the stone. One day a family of three were waking down the road.


There  was a dad, mother and a son they were a happy family. But soon it was to be broke, Medusa saw them walking down the road and said ” This is my moment ” She ran at them and used here powers to turn them into stone.


The family saw her and they were shocked but in no time they were stone. Now the family are a monument outside a school.