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St. Stephen's De La Salle
Waterford, Ireland

Month: December 2017

WK14: Nike Hover Phone Project

Once, there was a normal, benevolent, caring man called Charlie and a irascible, courteous, wall-trained monkey called Cornet that worked for a illustrious brand called Nike. ( Cornet is Charlie’s adherent )

The next day, Charlie and Cornet had to make a Nike Hover Phone but Charlie was sick so he couldn’t come to work.

After that, Cornet had to work on the project on his own. The first time he tried to achieve it, he failed so he was very sullen that he nearly abdicated his job but he counted to ten  then he decided to continue next week when Charlie will help him.

One week later, Charlie and Cornet accomplished the project and found out the secret in the Nike Hover Phone so the phone will be available in the year 3017.

WK13: City Hall Opens

Once, there was a sinewy, strong and energetic superhero called Nicort. Nicort had a heinous insidious villain called Zoocarus who can control animals. By the way, Nicort lived in a town called Appletopia.

Zoocarus had a plan to rule over the world by making animals in the City Hall to kill the mayor and the people of Appletopia when the City Hall opens. ( which it’s tomorrow )

The next day, Nicort wore an unsuspiciously clothing so that he could catch Zoocarus at a blink of an eye. When Zoocarus started his mission, Nicort was distracted by an alluring Australian kangaroo statue.

After that, Nicort realised that he was distracted, so the first thing was to get the people of Appletopia out of the City Hall before the animals hurt them, but the tiger was blocking the escape. Thankfully, there was an exit behind the City Hall so they quickly ran to the exit before then animals blocked and they made it.

By the way, Zoocarus got killed by the animals because the got to deranged.

WK13: Flynn’s Zoo

Hi I’m Matt Flynn I love my ZOO,Its a family business I love it so much .We have tigers, elephants ,monkeys and a lot more .The ZOO means a lot to me and heres my story about my Grandad and the zoo. My Granddad was late one night it was 10 pm to be precise. He was doing a x-ray on a tiger,the tiger sadley passed  away, 2 minutes later the two robbers got into the ZOO. They were just about to get away but then suddenly the tiger was alive. One of the robbers said the tiger was blocking our escape and the cops came to save the day the tiger lived for 6 more years.