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Month: November 2017

WK:9 The Day The World Began To End.

One dull and wet day in Italy, it was about 7:00 pm, and everybody was out. Then out of nowhere, these random people that looked like holograms or ghosts started terrorising people. They started pushing them onto the wet ground where they disappeared into oblivion, then out of nowhere they came back looking like holograms. It soon spread all over the world where people pushed and shoved people onto the floor, off of buildings and even into rivers. The people who got pushed into rivers rose from the dirty water. There maybe some survivors out there are they ghosts or are they human, I guess we’ll never know.

WK9: Run run

It was a cold Winters day, the wonderful time of the year where everyone is stuck inside but me and my friends Bill, Billy, Bob and Joe.  After all the snowball fights Billy saw that there was other kids outside.  Bob went over to ask to play with us.  Bob went to tap the first kids shoulder but Bobs hand went straight through his shoulder we screamed and shouted for help and ran the whole way to my house and told my dad that there were ghosts outside.  My dad looked outside and all he saw was kids playing outside,  where what we saw was ghosts.

Wk 9 The headless couple

one night me and my mam were at the mears press conference. I saw a couple that were both headless. My mam said that they have this disease called gymnia it is a disease where you are born with the loss of a head. Sorry I forgot to mention that my baby brother was there. The couple that had no heads kind of scared him. He started to cry my mam said that they are only people. My mam tried to give him his dommie she tried his bottle. and there was a brownie stall. So then in the end he was not scared of the couple he just wanted brownies


WK 9: The Friendly Ghosts

One night in the U.K. people where al crowded up in a shopping district Buying stuff and taking pictures. But soon mysterious see-through people started popping up, It turns out they we’re only going shopping too. People we’re very scared but the ghost’s said “We are friendly don’t worry” Then the people started to calm down. The people wen’t back to what they we’re doing and so did the ghost’s. Soon the ghost’s disappeared and people stopped shopping and taking pictures, then wen’t home. Then throughout the night the lights we’re off and no one was to be seen. The ghost’s would come back every night to shop.

Wk7:The French Men

It was 1950,Me and family went to French for are holidays but we never know what would happened next.We all were staying in a hotel in Paris there was a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.It was 3:26 in the middle in the night I couldn’t get some sleep so I just stared and the Eiffel Tower it looked so beautiful but then something caught my eye.There were military men I wondered what they were doing I blinked Then in a second I heard gun shot I ran to my parents bedroom I was shocked what just happens.I went back to see what happend they weren’t there it must of been a ghost from world war 2 probably.

Wk 9 the special camera

This is a story of a photographer who has a few famous photos.This photographer has never been named.One day when he was taking photos in Paris there was a market outside and after he took it and he printed out he saw three people who looked faded out and assumed they were ghosts.Then he remembered the camera he took it on was a one of a kind camera which he bought for five thousand Euro’s.So then he started taking pictures all around the word in places like London,Rome,and L.A after taking all these pictures he was going home.But when he was going home he dropped his camera and it broke all the pictures where gone.

WK9 Inhuman town

In a galaxy far far away now before you think of Star Wars it’s not ok.This is Inhuman town as you can tell they are all inhumans.I am in Inhuman town my name is Satan.There is lots of lights and buildings here it’s a fun place.But there is a myth it’s a ghost it’s the ghost of Twan Killer.He haunts Inhuman town.He has been spotted a few times I saw him once it was at the edge of the town were weak inhumans get thrown off.We have an army but you have to be strong like really strong because we get attacked by humans.This town is known as a myth.

WK9 the day time stopped

On a warm Saturday evening I was strolling through town.When suddenly I clicked my fingers and everyone stopped moving.I clicked my fingers again and people started moving again.I had an idea I clicked my fingers and ran to the nearest shop and stole a tv.It’s time to prank I said.I went to an ice cream stand.I went to the owner of the ice cream stand took a big scoop of ice cream and dumped it on his head.Then I clicked my fingers and he started screaming.I clicked my fingers and I pulled someone’s pants  and clicked my fingers but time didn’t start again.

WK9: The Awesome Kid

once upon a time there was a boy called johnny and he was 8 and he lives in a hotel with his mother and father and he was going out in his bike for 30 minutes with his friends one called sam another one was called joey and they were haveing fun when johnny came in there was no people in the house he checked everywhere it was creepy he was getting scared and he had a baseball bat someone was behind him it wasna ghost he went ahhhh a ghost he melted the ghost his mam and dad were back he was happy thats all enjoy my story

WK9: The Twist

Once there was an huge self-alike creature which used to try and rule the city.But there was superman alike superhero who almost got turned into an ghost but in time he mistakenly time travelled to tomorrow.The first thing he saw was another superhero “but he was an ghost”?The superhero was a ghost?Anyways the superhero said”I will serve justice”he said in an manly voice.But the superhero was me?I’ve died and turned into a GHOST??I knew after I time travelled I.MESSED.UP.I died but as I watched the fight my (ghost or me)ghost used my laser eyesight and his ghosts popped and of nowhere and took me and lasered me almost but then I escaped and the non-ghost of me had been caught and then my ghost came and saved me and asked “who in the name of heck are you”???with a funny accent and I replied “you”


Wk9: The Crazy Adventure

A long time ago there was a town called Atlantic there lived  a boy called Nathan  people were scared of him because he has a scar that means the devil is coming. All the towns people chased him out of the town thunder struck in a flash he left and towns people turned half human and half ghost.An adventurer advanced to a  unnatural  woods he looked back to see if anyone is following him suddenly he bumped into a  sign called The Town Of  Atlantic but he didn’t look careful . Then out of nowhere he so an abnormal thing he went to see what it was unexpectedly it bit him and he turned half human and half ghost he lead them to where he explored they all became a human ghost.

WK9: The Forgotten City

Once a upon time in 2016… There was a city with weird looking buildings. This city has been forgoten but on one day in the whole year the city comes growing from the ground and gos down in the middle of the night. There are three blue ghosts in this city. This city has a weird name but let me say it…Bibly Ghostly Fostly City.When the city comes from the ground it is said “whomever stays in this city thats alive will become a blue ghost”. The blue ghosts usally stick in the front of the city. In this city there is a statue of a ghost that made the city. And when the city gos into the ground well…you have to wait another year. The End

WK9: The Patropotist And The Hypnotation

On the 10/10/14, I was walking through the City Square then I saw human ghosts around me in my vision. I was scared and I quickly ran away from the ghosts. As I was running, I went into my friend’s house to cool down. After that, I was in my friend’s house and my friend James said ” I could sleep in his house for the night”, I said “okay”.

The next day, I went back to the City Square to face my fear but  my fear was just in my mind. The funny thing is that I was hypnotized by my worst enemy the Patropotist. All the things I wrote aren’t true.

WK8: The BIG Mistake

One time there was an event that I wished that it would never happen again.The savage Lizzzaaardddoo previously  was very huge and had an white cloak on with a pair of suit shoes.I knew when I saw toxic jerry can he was up to something.He threw it on the floor and then ghosts appeared.But they weren’t ordinary ghosts they were swimming ghosts.After that he got an evil invention then a huge flame came out and he said “ATTACK MY LITTLE MINIONS ATTACK”!!Then I quickly panicked then I saw a invention that said (DO NOT TOUCH) then I grabbed it next I aimed at him and started to celebrate and I and mistakenly shot myself!!And what it actually was was a  time traveller I was in tomorrow!?to be continued

WK9: Are we human

On Saturday me and my Grandad went to see Jesus Christ Superstar I really enjoyed the show. Athough it was a bit horrific and bloody we enjoyed it. We were last to leave the theatre and when we got outside, I saw the most unusual site. It was like in a dream all I could see was headless people walking around, other people had half bodies. They were different even though they looked human some I even recognised from being at the show maybe the theatre was full of ghosts…who is to know maybe I’m a ghost… whooo!

WK8: Trick Or Treat

On Tuesday me and all my friends celebrated Halloween.  First we went trick or treating and afterwards we went to my friend Rudi’s house.  We helped light a bonfire and set off fireworks.  When we put some sticks in the bonfire it sent up a huge flame.  We sat around it and told scary stories and roasted marshmallows.  Some of the stories were very scary like Zombies, Skeletons and Witches swimming in our lake. Later on we set off the fireworks and the colours were amazing, red, blue, green, yellow and white shot up in the air.  I would love to do it all again tomorrow.

WK9: Ghost’s down town

One day I was shopping down town. I felt a shiver  down my spine going into the first shop. I thought I was seeing things moving around. I saw some red glasses I put them on. OH MY GOD. I see ghosts but they couldn’t see me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. My mum was wondering why I was screaming. I gave her the glasses. She let out the loudest scream ever. We got kicked out of the shop. I was terrified and my mum said we need to call someone. How about the MAA stands for mysterious actions association hopefully they will believe us.

WK8: The Wicked Woods

On Sunday me and my family went to the Wicked woods in Waterford.  There was a flame from the bon fire and then there was a big pool of blood and there was zombies swimming in it.There were ghosts dressed in all white .Then there was a big owl and a dog and a huge skeleton.Me and my sister love to celebrate Halloween it’s so fun. Halloween is different and thats why I love and at the end we went out with a bang literaly with fireworks. I loved The Wicked Woods it was so funny people dress up I would go again tomorrow