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Month: November 2017

WK12: Mission complete

I was in the kitchen making a delicious sandwich, after i ate it i felt more energetic and  had superpowers. An Angel dressed in white appeared out of nowhere and told me i had a mission to do. Off i went to complete my mission to find the infinite battery for the hospitals electricity because the  electricity   powered off and the hospital needs the  battery for the machines to work.  The infinite battery was all the way up Mount Dangerous, I quickly hurried up the the Mountain to get the battery when I got the battery I brought it back safe and sound to the hospital.


WK12: The Christmas Mission

Once, there lived a spy called Sportacus. He was skinny,astute and energetic. Sportacus had a mission to stop a villain called Rottenish from extincting Christmas. He was the opposite of Sportacus.

The next day, Sportacus blotched Rottenish’s white time machine that runs on battery. He went inside sceptically and he saw but by the time he came to the time machine, Rottenish teleported himself and Sportacus to the first Christmas Night.

After that, Rottenish was the first one out of the time machine so he ran as fast as he could so that Sportacus couldn’t catch him. Next, he tried to kill Mary and Joseph so that Mary couldn’t born Jesus but God shook lightning and fire on him then he fell to the ground.

Finally, Sportacus found Rottenish then he hurried back to the time machine and he teleported himself and Rottenish to the future. After that, Sportacus arrested Rottenish and he was never seen again. Then, Sportacus had a lovely sandwich to celebrate his victory over the mission.

WK11: 1912

one day in 1912  . People built a ship called titanic . It was huge with life boats on the side . I think it is in April  when the passengers boarded .and they left  there whey two people called jack and Mary I’m jack bye the way . I survived and mary . But I was thinking  about how I  was going to spend this trip on a boat but obviously you know it’s the middle of the trip  . When a felt the ship wobble it was raining .I looked out the window we crashed I knew I had to save Mary. And get her in a lifeboat we goat in and stared rowing the boat we were the first to escape and safe on a island..








WK11: The Mythical Beings

Once upon a time lived a being called ο apxaios He killed his victims slowly and they don’t realise it. One time they tried to kill my mom. A mythical creature called ο σπουδαίος is a being that can  heal any victim of ο apxaios, but you need to say the words of gods to summon him. My mom knew those words, but she was under the affect of ο apxaios. He can control your body. When he was controlling my mom he brought her to a forest. He stood in front of her and said DIE. But just at that time ο σπουδαίος came and killed o apxaios.

WK11: Spyro and the dark golden queen

Once there was a little dragon all on his one just left on the street with nobody abandoned by his parents. Suddenly the president of the mythical world came and picked up the little dragon and said”poor little dragon I will name you Spyro you will be trained to be a Skylander protector of all the realms.But the president of the mythical world master eon did not tell Spyro about his ancestors. Spyro grew to be  strong and powerful and his friends joined him stealth elf,eruptor,jet vac and cinder until one day the golden queen broke out of her cell and insisted to battle the golden queen striker at Spyro striked back and the golden queen was destroyed.

WK11: The phantom

The phantom is a mysterious  clocked figure.  It hunts at night it has been 100 years since any one has seen it. This boy shall we call him the boys name is Jack he can seal demons. So one day Jack gos hunting for the phantom usual the phantom appears at 8:00pm and is always near shops. Armed with this knowledge Jack fond the phantom black clouds of smoke poring out of it Jack fires his demon sealing power the phantom fires its sole steling black magic. They both collide but Jack is stronger and wins the duel and seals the phantom.

WK11: The candle maker

On one night as people are in bed. and us going to the camp we said to each other. Let go into a scary house, ( and I said let’s go to the candle maker shop.I heard….there is thing that goes around). Two minutes later.  We are here I said .(We took out are flashlights). I opened the door .We saw a mist of something.  I was like what ever to the guys,. And we hear a ,glass break: . And we saw my friend body was like a mist.  And we looked and I saw . The black thing it was coming and the door was locked .And  we were goners.

Wk11: The Creepy Man Who Wore A Dress

One day a kid went to bed he was about to go to sleep but out of nowhere he heard banging at the door.The person said johnny JOHNNY he ran to the living and check through the window a creep man with a black stress was waving at him do you want to play little boy he said no aggressively and went to his bedroom and said it just a dream .He stared to approaching the door and saw the man walking to him with a knife he was breath so fast red stuff was dripping from his mouth  the man said johnny go to sleep JOHNNY GO AND SLEEP! out of the blue he woke up and started praying to god.

WK11: What is this frightening creature??

One day me ad my ma were walking along the green way. Sun was shining next minute    BANG a strike of light entered the green way. I saw something ,, something black very creepy. We went over to the creature. I blinked BOOM it was gone . Blinked again BOOM It’s back in front of us. In a quiet scary croked voice I will haunt you . Blinked he was gone we heard sounds very creepy. Just like his voice again he said I will haunt you. Where is this sound me I turned around he is there. Around the tree we hid . I’m not going to the green way again . Today I viewed something that will scar me for life.

Wk11: The mythical rapper

Once there was a planet called htrae. (If you wonder htrae is earth backwards). There was a mythical singer called The Dark Voice Rapper. He was about to realise he’s new album but he was one song off. In he’s album there were meant to be 10 rap songs but there were 9. This rapper had mythical powers witch lets him,rap at super sonic speed,he uses this power for effects in the rap video,he is the most popular rapper in the planet htrae. So he was gonna make another rap called -spooky rook-. When the rap came out… was so popular that it got more than 1000,billion views. The album got realised. And The Dark Voice rapper,carried on with he’s carrier. The end (of this rap story)

Wk 11: John Doe

One day a mysterious figure appeared. No one knew his name so they just called him “John Doe” Which is someone that’s anonymous. This figure came to the woods for a walk but people saw him and approached the figure ran away they chased him, They soon got him and saw what he was wearing, It was a big black rope thing with a hood. The people pulled his hood down and saw nothing it was just a hole. The figure got up and they ran for their lives. The figure chased and chased them until boom screams… They we’re never seen again

Wk11: the black Devil

Once upon a time there is a devil over there he just standing there it was getting creepy .I didn’t know what to do so  I was going for a walk 2 hours later it was still there it was creepy .so I went home and told my mam and daddy that there’s a black devil over there since 2 hours ago and my mam said what is there  I  said yes There is my dad said let’s go and look so we went down there my mam said are you kidding me. Ok let’s go home and forget about that ok we went home we all lived in a happy ending by Dylan

WK11: The creeps

Have you ever see something strange in the dark I have.The one I saw was in a robe or was it.There was two of them the slowly hovered to wards me.They say “help us” and I say “with what” he’s a monster they both say.Im puzzled they say ” look behind you” “emmm ok” AGH


.” Who’s that” “that’s you they both say” no it’s not yes it is well then does he like mayomaise “no” ok emmmm.But he’s moving towards me why.”RUN!” what I ask them “JUST RUN”! OK OK OMG.I need help he says i say with what “there’s a monster in front of me” my eyes up very wide he whispers “I need help”.

WK11: My wits end

Once there was a out of this world myth that if you lit six candles on fire a mythical savage would  appear in a black cloak with a staff.So me and my friends where up to do it.We got the six candles and some matches and we then started to light the candle.The moment we lit the last candle an huge fire came bursting up and almost  burnt us.We panicked horribly and we heard a voice it sounded like The,Reaper?The reaper said “I will rush upon your souls who summoned me?!”And one of are friends started to laugh and said”its a PRANK!”he shouted when he was laughing and were all at our wits end.

WK11: The wood man

On day I was Down town it was 10 o’clock all the shops were closed .There was this wooden man ,he was right in front of me he went hello he said I dint answer. I walked away from him I hid from him I looked behind me he was there I ran for my life .I ran to the only shop that was open I ran in the shopkeeper said what are you for sir ,I said shhhhhhhh he’s coming but he was the shopkeeper I was in big trouble he got me and now I am his main servant

WK11: The strange man

There once was a man that use to walk around town he was there every day from about half two to six oclock’ my friends told me .The strange man was always wereing black the man wore a black hood once i got sick of seeing him so i followed him i shouldent of have but i did.The man walked for miles he led me to a forest were he stoped i think he spotted me’ i got scared so i ducked behind a tree and hidden my self as much as i could he heard foot steps getting louder i heard a bang i was missing and i wasnt found the

WK11: The Reaper

One day a young man and his friends went camping. They settled next to a small creek. They saw another group of campers and went to say hello. They decided to do a prank. They decided to push they’re tent into the creek but they did  not know they could not swim.Sadly they did not make it but there were sightings of what looks like a man in a robe. Everyone thought it was just a myth but it was not. One man went into the forest to prove to everyone that it was fake he did’nt make it back

WK11: The mythical book

There was a book that was protected by a myth monk it was a book that special people go in everyone wanted the power inside the book was myths about monsters and magical people. A cadet who was in training had a task to  bring back the mythical book for the highest museum she saw a monk that was protecting the book. He saw her and attacked! The cadet he used he’s powers to suck her in. The cadet saw mythical monsters and the monk! He said what mistake I made! He brought the cadet back and hide him and the book to a different location?

WK11: the scariest week ever

This all started on the seventeenth of February 2007.It lasted a week so let me tell you what happened.On the seventeen when I started hearing noises when I went to bed.On the eighteenth the same thing happened but I could hear stuff moving.On the nineteenth stuff started getting weird the same stuff was happening but I could see something in my house wherever I went it went.On the twentieth,twenty first and twenty second it was all the same stuff.But On the twenty third I had enough I ran into the woods and tried to get away but I saw the guy that was in my house in the woods I realized who it was it was death.

WK11: The King’s Quest

Once upon a time, there were two vigorous audacious men that worked for a king called Conradh and they were in a land called Porcipiqous. By the way the two strong brave men are called Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben.

Conradh the king heard that there was a treasure in a weird-looking viking statue. Conradh sent the two vigorous audacious men to accomplish his quest in the dark scary forest.

The next day, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben set off to the dark scary forest. They had to face some traps like hole traps and imperceptible traps but thankgod they’re vigorous and audacious so they overcomed it.

After all the traps, Jumping Joey and Brainy Ben finally found the weird-looking statue and there were 10,000 gold coins in it. The two men brought the gold coins to the king to complete his quest. The king was happy that he gave half his land to them.