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Wk12 the woman that would die for a car battery

One stunning day in county Meath a woman called Jane was in her car eating her sandwich not just any sandwich a white sandwich. Next minute the radio said there is one more car battery in SuperValu. Another minuite BANG janes car shut down. As she hurried to SuperValu she was super duper energetic she ran she knocked down bins and flower pots. Jumped through people’s gardens as shortcuts tumbled down hills to make the process faster. Almost at SuperValu. Next minute BANG I’m here at SuperValu. She went in to the shop there was no car battery’s in there then she dropped to the floor and died

2 thoughts on “Wk12 the woman that would die for a car battery”

  1. Hi Bradley I liked your story because Jane knocked over flowers and pots and was in rush I don’t think I’d do that for a car battery

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