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Wk12: Tommorrow is today

Today is going to be the best school day because every week I have the worst week. She went to school after school she said OMG!this was the best day of school suddenly a shooting star came past then she said I wish school was always like this she woke up and saw her brother was eating a sandwich like yesterday .She said what’s going on she shake her head went to school when she was walking she saw her energetic best friend whering a whit t shirt like yesterday .When  he was running he drop his battery of his phone he hurried to be  first in class out of the blue he ran into the white cubbord she ran home and wished that it wasn’t like everyday out of nowhere she woke up and saw that it was a dream.

3 thoughts on “Wk12: Tommorrow is today”

  1. Hi Collins,
    I really like how you told your story and you used all your words. But when you start a new sentence you capitalize the first letter. Once I thought I was late for school so I rushed to get ready and then I woke up. also you have some words that are supposed to be past tense but aren’t. I wonder if it was a good day at school when she woke up?
    Happy Writing
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    From Addison in Illinois

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