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Wk:12 The detective

One day a young boy who was about three years old. His life was about to change completely. He was about to witness a murder. He ran home only to see his parents on the floor dead. Thirty years later he became a detective. He decided to take up a case. He went to the crime scene he found a table. The table had a bitten sandwich and a battery on it. He heard a gun shot and turned around. He saw a man with white hair he hurried to get away but the detective was very energetic. He caught and the murderer spent the rest of his life in prison

2 thoughts on “Wk:12 The detective”

  1. Hi Peter
    I hope you are having a great day!!!!!
    There is a lot of rush in this writing piece but it kind of has a hole in it a 30 year span that is a long time maybe a 20 year span but you had all the words which is good but next time check the words like in the last sentence this has probable happened a few times

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