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WK12 The energetic sandwich

Hi I’m sandwich I’m very energetic I love the colour white.I eat a battery every day this is a story about my life enjoy.One day I was at a shop that was getting robbed I didn’t know what to do so I hurried to the exit and yes I can talk and run crazy right anyway back to the story.The robbers were Donald trump and mr.pencil wow he’s hated big time in this town.They stole hahaha a calendar hahaha pathetic idiots.And I made it back to the bakery where I was made and I saw my siblings and family and ran for 3 hours a day I’m sooo energetic.

3 thoughts on “WK12 The energetic sandwich”

  1. Hi Adam!!! I really liked your post I liked the way you used funny stuff put in your story. I just have a couple of questions one why was the store being robbed and why? Next why did you make the sandwich talk and move and why didn’t he doing anything to stop the robbery? Also did you know that my family is a Trump fan. Also I have to things that you should improve on one please make sure you go over your spelling please. Also please don’t put swear words in your writing please. Other then that you did a great job.
    Your friend
    Anya in Illinois

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