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Wk12: The crazy scientist and the energetic sandwich

Once upon a time there was a scientist who was very crazy and loved everything that was very fast. One day the scientist came up with an idea of a energetic sandwich. After 3 weeks of work he finally came up of the idea that the energetic sandwich should be battery powered. Though when the energetic sandwich was complete, everything was white in the sandwich even the food inside. The scientist hurried to get home so he ate the energetic sandwich and in a blink of a eye….the scientist was at home he had no idea how he got there so fast the scientist said “I need more of those energetic sandwiches”. And so the scientist made more energetic sandwiches. And mostly ate some to never be late. This is a happy ending. Goodbye and see you soon.

2 thoughts on “Wk12: The crazy scientist and the energetic sandwich”

  1. Hi filip I like your story. I like that he ate all the energetic sandwiches and moved so fast.Try using 100 words. I wish i had a energetic sandwich. Come check my blog out

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