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Wk12 The sick town

One day in a small town were no one was happy . There was a boy who was a happy  and energetic . He always runs to the shop. To get a white bar and a sandwich. Every day . But one day his mam was very il, . But she said she won’t tell the boy . Oh bye the way the boys name is jack . The mam said tomorrow I’m going to tell jack before her battery ran out . she changed her mind and was going to tell the boy today .jack  came in the house  she hurried to tell the boy she had a week left.jack started crying  now that he knew his mam was about to die .  The doctor said spend all of time with her.

3 thoughts on “Wk12 The sick town”

  1. Hi Roy!
    I liked your story although it was a sad and lonely one. Did you know that there is a city with only two stores and five houses? This story made me feel sad because the mam was going to die. Next time, you should make sure you don’t make any mistakes. Good job using the five words but make sure you bold them.
    Come see my piece! rockstars/posts/1qbu2ifms9i8lvyy46d4t5oil (It’s week nine. I couldn’t do week 12)
    Sincerely, Ryan in Illinois

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