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WK12: Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

Hi I’m  jimmy and I am one of the lucky  kids to win the the willy Wonka competition I got one of the lucky golden tickets. My family and I are on our way to the chocolate factory for a special tour . As we enterd through the golden gates we hurried into the factory .we were met by energetic umpa lumpas. There was chocolate everywhere there was white ,Brown and even red and green chocolate. We went through a chocolate rainbow on a battery powered boat in a chocolate river we also had a nutella sandwich for lunch i am fortunate to have won it ………..

3 thoughts on “WK12: Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory”

  1. I love how you put Charlie and the chocolate factory in it Josh keep up the good writing
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    From Ben .C

  2. Hi Josh!
    I enjoyed reading your piece today. I really liked how your story took place at willy wonka’s chocolate factory. If I had thought about the movie willy wonka and the chocolate factory, I would have done that! My favorite candy is chocolate, I bet your favorite candy is chocolate too. But in your story I found a couple of spelling errors. I also saw that your had to of the same words next to each other like this, ” the the.” Before I end this comment, I have a question. How did Jimmy find the golden ticket?

    Happy writing!
    Brett in Illinios
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