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WK11: The mythical book

There was a book that was protected by a myth monk it was a book that special people go in everyone wanted the power inside the book was myths about monsters and magical people. A cadet who was in training had a task to  bring back the mythical book for the highest museum she saw a monk that was protecting the book. He saw her and attacked! The cadet he used he’s powers to suck her in. The cadet saw mythical monsters and the monk! He said what mistake I made! He brought the cadet back and hide him and the book to a different location?

2 thoughts on “WK11: The mythical book”

  1. Hello Al-Amin,

    The idea of the “myth monk” has me curious right from the beginning of your story. Many of my students are simply wild about mythology, so I know they would love to set their eyes on that book. Then you brought in another strong character, the “cadet”. Introducing strong characters that interest your readers is the sign of good writing.

    By the way, please let Mr. Russell know that it’s a treat to see a photo of your classroom in the banner.

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