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Month: November 2017

The magical TOD

Once upon a time lived a delicious sandwich from the SubWay Jungle Gods. It was called The Energetic Sandwich. You have to travel a very long way to find it, and at some points it might troll you and have find a white battery. It looks good. A lot of people hurried to the jungle to find it. But there was a person called TOD blessed from the gods. He easily finds stuff. TOD found the sandwich BUT got trolled and had to charge it. So he had to find The WHITE BATTERY again. So he found it but can he find The sandwich again?

Wk12: The energy sandwich

Once there was a kid who was so energetic that he could not stay still for a single second. But one day he was eating his lunch but little did he know there was a battery in his white sandwich once he took a bite he passed out 1 day later…. “what happened said the kid” you have a battery in your stomach “WHAT!!!! shouted the kid” when the kid got up he ran so fast that in 1 second he was on the other side of the world “what’s happened to me said the kid” the kid ran so fast that once he hit a wall splatter r.i.p the kid…..

WK:12 Santas broken sleigh

One day as santa was getting ready to go to earth to deliver presents on Christmas Eve. His sleigh had been broken down. His wife said”Oh SANTA YOU HORRID MAN YOU ARE SUPPOSED DELIVER THE PRESENTS YOUR SO LAZY BUZY EATING A SANDWICH. Santa replied “but my sleigh has broken down. Mrs Claus had an idea she was going to build an energetic battery to fix up santas sleigh. She said to Santa “I am going to paint your sleigh white and no excuses you already made enough busy eating sandwiches. She hurried so Santa wouldn’t be late to deliver the presents. Santa made it in time to deliver the presents but one little girl wanted a doll house but he delivered a toy car.

Wk12 the woman that would die for a car battery

One stunning day in county Meath a woman called Jane was in her car eating her sandwich not just any sandwich a white sandwich. Next minute the radio said there is one more car battery in SuperValu. Another minuite BANG janes car shut down. As she hurried to SuperValu she was super duper energetic she ran she knocked down bins and flower pots. Jumped through people’s gardens as shortcuts tumbled down hills to make the process faster. Almost at SuperValu. Next minute BANG I’m here at SuperValu. She went in to the shop there was no car battery’s in there then she dropped to the floor and died


Hi my name is THE SUPER WHITE ENERGETIC SANDWICH!!! and I go around the world and do lots of stuff like go to the beach and make myself a SANDWICH!!! and I have an electrical power and I can fly.I am always hurried once I was in a fight with a ROBOTIC NERD!! and while I was fighting him I gave him ten seconds and out of nowhere his battery went dead HA HA HA HA!!!.Also I love sandwichs sometimes I even eat myself and mostly I go to the beach to always make myself a SANDWICH!!! HA HA HA HA!!!.

Wk:12 The detective

One day a young boy who was about three years old. His life was about to change completely. He was about to witness a murder. He ran home only to see his parents on the floor dead. Thirty years later he became a detective. He decided to take up a case. He went to the crime scene he found a table. The table had a bitten sandwich and a battery on it. He heard a gun shot and turned around. He saw a man with white hair he hurried to get away but the detective was very energetic. He caught and the murderer spent the rest of his life in prison

WK:12 The perfect Christmas

Once there was a boy James who couldn’t wait for Christmas cause it was just around the corner after waiting 23 days.It was finally Christmas eve James woke up and went down stairs to eat breakfast.So James’s dad made him a sandwich that was left there so James’s dad gave it to him but he didn’t know there was a battery in the sandwich.James said to his dad he feels weird and out of know we’re he became energetic he said dad all I can see is the colour white.So James’s dad hurried  him to the hospital for a check up to see what is wrong they took out the battery by making him sick but they had a perfect Christmas and they lived happily ever after.

Wk:12 The white sandwich

Once there was a man named John. He was a very energetic person. He was about to go off for a jog, but decided to eat a sandwich. He got two slices of white bread, some ham, cheese and made it. He ate it really fast and then he hurried out the door, because it looked like it was about to rain. But he was missing something. His Fitbit was not working, because he was missing a battery, so he ran back into the house to get it. He came back from his half hour jog, and he was tired.

Wk12 The sick town

One day in a small town were no one was happy . There was a boy who was a happy  and energetic . He always runs to the shop. To get a white bar and a sandwich. Every day . But one day his mam was very il, . But she said she won’t tell the boy . Oh bye the way the boys name is jack . The mam said tomorrow I’m going to tell jack before her battery ran out . she changed her mind and was going to tell the boy today .jack  came in the house  she hurried to tell the boy she had a week left.jack started crying  now that he knew his mam was about to die .  The doctor said spend all of time with her.

Wk12: Tommorrow is today

Today is going to be the best school day because every week I have the worst week. She went to school after school she said OMG!this was the best day of school suddenly a shooting star came past then she said I wish school was always like this she woke up and saw her brother was eating a sandwich like yesterday .She said what’s going on she shake her head went to school when she was walking she saw her energetic best friend whering a whit t shirt like yesterday .When  he was running he drop his battery of his phone he hurried to be  first in class out of the blue he ran into the white cubbord she ran home and wished that it wasn’t like everyday out of nowhere she woke up and saw that it was a dream.

WK12 The energetic sandwich

Hi I’m sandwich I’m very energetic I love the colour white.I eat a battery every day this is a story about my life enjoy.One day I was at a shop that was getting robbed I didn’t know what to do so I hurried to the exit and yes I can talk and run crazy right anyway back to the story.The robbers were Donald trump and mr.pencil wow he’s hated big time in this town.They stole hahaha a calendar hahaha pathetic idiots.And I made it back to the bakery where I was made and I saw my siblings and family and ran for 3 hours a day I’m sooo energetic.

Wk12: The crazy scientist and the energetic sandwich

Once upon a time there was a scientist who was very crazy and loved everything that was very fast. One day the scientist came up with an idea of a energetic sandwich. After 3 weeks of work he finally came up of the idea that the energetic sandwich should be battery powered. Though when the energetic sandwich was complete, everything was white in the sandwich even the food inside. The scientist hurried to get home so he ate the energetic sandwich and in a blink of a eye….the scientist was at home he had no idea how he got there so fast the scientist said “I need more of those energetic sandwiches”. And so the scientist made more energetic sandwiches. And mostly ate some to never be late. This is a happy ending. Goodbye and see you soon.

Wk:12: The super sandwich

Once upon a time there was a boy called buttons and he wanted to be a superhero so he can save the world. So he got a costume it was a sandwich costume so he bought it and it cost €2.50 . So he said I will buy it so he went home put the costume on and said excellent I like this said buttons. He  was  called super sandwich to save the world. There was someone stuck on a tree so he came and said I will save you don’t move supersandwich he said mission completed he was part in a group of heroes called the awesome kids so they team up one was joe he was hulk  one called tony stark he was iron man they did a mission together. They saw a child stuck on a roof he said hold on we will save you  so he said ok so they got a rope and got him down are you ok there he said yes I’m ok thank you so much for saving your welcome need help just call the awesome kid . All ending with a happy ending the end.

Wk 12 Phil the vegan

Once there was an energetic vegan called Phil.Phil was tired and went to kitchen.He screamed in shock for he saw a white bread sandwich with meat.He hurried to the fridge but saw no brown bread.He grabed his full battery iPod played some music and ran to the store.When Phil got to the store he couldn’t find any vegetables or brown bread.He broke down and started crying in the store.He was kicked out of the store.He banged the door but they wouldn’t open it.He walked home in shame.Phil slumped over and then realised he was in the wrong isle.

WK 12:The Robot in the white tuxedo

One time in a lab there was an energetic professor who made robots. He was working on a new project called “Robot 362764”. This Robot would wear a white tuxedo and be powered by a battery. While the professor was making this creation he would eat a sandwich every hour. The next day the creation was finished the professor hurried out of his bed ran down stairs into the underground lab and saw him moving he was delighted. He jumped around the place like a mad kangaroo and the Robot just watched. But soon the Robot fell down and broke. The professor just stared and left. He never returned

WK12: The Magical Battery

I ate a sandwich but I didn’t now what was in it. Oh my god. The magical battery. The magical battery is a battery that opens the magical vault. People say that if you find it you can keep what is in it. I hurried out of the house and head to the bank. I got to the bank and went up to the counter the man at the counter was so energetic he screamed at the top of his lungs. The man showed me the secret safe. I had to put in a code on a white control pannel. My mouth dropped there is so much money.

WK12: Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory

Hi I’m  jimmy and I am one of the lucky  kids to win the the willy Wonka competition I got one of the lucky golden tickets. My family and I are on our way to the chocolate factory for a special tour . As we enterd through the golden gates we hurried into the factory .we were met by energetic umpa lumpas. There was chocolate everywhere there was white ,Brown and even red and green chocolate. We went through a chocolate rainbow on a battery powered boat in a chocolate river we also had a nutella sandwich for lunch i am fortunate to have won it ………..

WK12: The magical Christmas

I hated Christmas so much until this day I was in my room getting away from the Christmas party my mum came to my room and was talking to me she said that why don’t you like the Christmas party because of the person who Santa Claus! . Go down stairs and get a leftover sandwich I said NO and I hurried back to bed something opened the door it was an energetic snowman lets go I saw a me celebrating Christmas I was so angry that I went back to bed and had but I wasn’t angry any more I was happy!!

WK12: The Picnic

A husband and wife were going to a picnic so they hurried into their car.But the car battery was very low when they got to the campsite they took out the food.They had sandwiches made from white bread.When they got there they were tired but weirdly  energetic.But they got a bit worried when they started hearing noises and things that sounded like bears.They started hiding in the campsite just in case there was something there to right there was a bear in the campsite.The bear came near the couple and then he did something no one wants to hear.

WK12: The Time Machine

One day I was at school in the cafeteria  where I was about to eat my lunch.I had a sandwich for lunch. It wasn’t a normal sandwich. It was very white and I had made it a month earlier. I thought I had made it  that day so I decided to eat it. I was almost finished eating the sandwich when a battery fell out of no where. I realised was in the 80s! I heard songs. One of them was by A-ha – Take On Me. I was perplexed and I wondered where was I. For some reason the sandwich made me so energetic. I hurried outside and asked what year and it was? 1987, I thought? to be continued….