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Month: October 2017

WK8: The Lucky Charm Ring

While I was walking through the forest I saw a ring in a tree it looked magical so I picked it up and I put it on my finger I felt a wave of energy go around in the forest it was purple the. next day in school I wished that the whole class went swimming my teacher said that where going under water as an joke the whole class celebrated when I got home I saw a flame of fire outside I wished that the fire went a  when I turned back it was gone then I saw a misteryous figure wearing a white cloak it came closer.

WK8: Joey’s Party

On the 30/10/13 at school, my friend Joey invited me and his friends to his party tomorrow night to celebrate Halloween.

The next day, I was at Joey’s party wearing a white cloak feigning to be ghost and his friends were wearing other spooky costumes.

Joey’s party were illuminated with bats, ghost and e.t.c . There were lots of activities like swimming, bobbing for apples and e.t.c .

I went to see the fireworks blows into flames outside Joey’s house. Joey’s dad James light up the fireworks in the sky and it was ravishing.

At midnight, that was the end of the party and everybody enjoyed it.

WK7: Pooopy

I wock up in my room above a bar in Waterford city in Waterford in Ireland for English people Ireland is similar to England. Eny way I went to the hall met my brother in there and went into the bathroom as the door slammed I knew he was going to do a poo . Then mum came and sead love you for ever I sead ok I ran to school when I got to school I was happy l played with my friends in the yard I had of fun so that’s my life 

Wk 7 – Loftus Hall

Hi my name is Damien and I went to laftos hall to have some fun. so I went to Wexford to laftos hall and I was in there for one hour and it was very very!! Creepy so I went with my whole family and at the start a man leaded us up stairs and we began to look around and we heard something and as the door slammed I knew that there was something scary to happen and then we kept going so we went into a creepy room where the card dropped and it was very interesting so we were all very very scared because we felt like some kind of ghost or something was behind us it was creepy!!!.

Wk 6 the poor town

hello im Roy im just a normal boy in a normal town .    .every day it’s basically the same old thing . Not until today I said to my self  because I was sick and tired . On til my mam saved up all her money to go on a holiday for a year. But it was a holiday to America . There we were in America we stayed in huge hotel  everything was free just like that we were back home . And as the door slammed we were back I knew something was very fishy but why . Because they had new buildings such as bowling and football all weather pitches  . It was a miracle our hole town got together and had an all free.  day we all live happily ever after

Wk:7 The cursed door

It is 3459 when humans have just discovered alien existent. But it caused a serious war against aliens. But humans we’re more than ready to deal with aliens.       Using live stealer. There were a young man called Mashta he was born strong and fast . But one day he was trying to save his friend from a falling plane Mashta used his super strength to but he just made a hole to save his friend. Mashta quickly found a open door Mashta quickly went in and found is friend injured as the door slammed, I knew that Mashta had to get out now . Mashta quickly got out and drove all the aliens out

WEK7:Bradley Hunter

Bradley hunter had a dream he was playing for Manchester United . He was playing against Bose yesterday. 4-4 was the socore it was hunter socored 2 his friend Roy walker socored 2 . It was the best 2 goals he did .when they were young.Hunters mum and dad did not get along as the door slammed I knew Bradley knew something bad happened . Bradley walked out of his room his mom was there but his dad wasn’t there. Hunter was sacred he ask his mum were was his dad was she said he left the house. Hunter did not see his dad for so long to get over it he played football with Roy walker .it was the journey stared now

The Halloween robbery

It was Halloween night and everyone was out  side  their houses trick or treating  and  when they were all gone in to their homes . And their was a home that there was one house that the owners were all a sleep when a strange man wearing a black mask and he had a hammer ?.  Then the man who had a hammer went in are earea and smashed the sitngroom window and went up stairs and he took all the valuable things in the room and then went in a black van. And then the as the door slammed  I knew that it was a robbery . And I rang the police and they cought the robber then the owners of the house got their vallibuals back to their home and they were very happy that they had not got hurt .

Wk7: The Haunted Horrer

Yo what’s up guys. Today we are in a haunted house. Right now I’m with Jake and for new subscribers I’m Anthony. We are in the haunted house now. For some reason it’s really warm in here, and it smells terrible here well I guess that’s obvious.Well we are back again and Jake just found a dead body. Guys get ready we are going into the Death Room, wait a second is that a Mad Man? Wait no he has a axe, NO HES COMMING RUN. I fell down, so I crawled out, but as the door slammed I knew it’s over for my life…

Wk7. Me as a cat

Hi I’m alekss and I’m going to the pet shop to get a pet. and my mom said that I’m  getting one pet I .was getting  ready to go and I was excited to get a pet. And as the door slammed,I knew that I forgot to get. My money and I asked my mom to open the door. We are here 5mins later. I got a cat his name was mr spot. And we got home I left him at home . And I was cat i was scared and I woke up and it was a bad dream ahh. …

WK:7 Haunted funfair

One day as I was taking a walk with my friends in the night we saw a sign on cork road saying secret funfair . Then we saw a old rusty roller coaster. We hopped inside and of it took us with an unbelievable speed up twisted and swirly tracks. Then we arrived at a door saying beware. We went through the door and we saw something beyond amazing. As the door slammed,I knew this place was haunted. Me and my friends returned to the roller coaster triying to power it up to bring us back home but it was no use. We were stuck for ages until our parents came.then we found it that this place was our parents hide out to keep away from us.

WK7: The scary house of Ireland

One day when me and my family were in Wexford, we went to the haunted house of Loftis Hall. It was close enough to Halloween,so it made it that bit more scary. It was early in the afternoon, and then we went inside for the tour.It was very scary and we were halfway there and as the door slammed,I knew I that there was someone was in here. I asked my mam and dad could we get out, and they asked the tour guide and she said yes. Now I know for sure I will never ask to back there.

Wk:7 The Jail Break

One day I got in a fight. The guy was drunk. I punched him and he hit his head and died. I went to prison.I was sentenced to lifetime in prison. One day there was a riot on my floor.I made a break for the stairs. They sent guards after me.As the door slammed,I knew the guards were on the stairs. So I stopped at the fourth floor until they passed. I ran back to the stairs but a guard heard me. So I ran even faster I made it to the exit. I stole a car and I was free at last.

Wk7 the scariest story ever

Once upon a time there was a young boy called joey and he was at home .I day he went for a walk and so a freaky house .He wentinside he heard noises and he was terrified and when the door slammed I knew that it was going to kidnap meson I ran and hid it was freaky then 30 minutes later I was glad no one was there my family came home and it was a really good day until I almost was kidnapped so I was happy then I watched tv and enjoyed myself so we had a great time

Wk7:Why my brother hates me(like a lot he hates me)

This was like a few years ago.Me and my brother were playing hide and seek, I was on and he was hiding,when I gave up because I didn’t find him so  I sat on a pillow on a chair when I sat down I heard glass breaking.It was my brothers tablet he left it under the pillow.It was twice as bad when he walked into the room.He looked at me like he was going to kill Me,I dropped the tablet and ran for my live.I ran to my bedroom as the door slammed,I knew I was in deep trouble.

WK7 the lair

It was a normal day in my lair.After I woke up I the mechanist decided to make some robots.As the door slammed I knew today would be great.I went to the building station.I am currently makeing a new line of synthetic humanoids.Im going to work on a17-v45.I loaded a17-v45 to the work station and I powered him up.A17-v45 started walking around.Suddenly I got an idea I made a17-v45 a worker synth he started makeing synths come to life.Now I have a synth army that I will use for good.So I sent synths around the world to cure illness plant crops and help poor children.


Me and my friends went to the house of horrors. Waiting and waiting the clock struck 9:00pm it was our turn to go in. We went in it was so dark that we could not even see. We were told there was killer clowns there’re. We went on a spooky train we passed of of the ghouls and goblins. We got of the train and into the dizzy maze. After the dizzy maze we went into a bouncy castle. We all were in BANG as the door slammed, I knew the killer clowns were there I ran out of the bouncey castle with fright . Then me and my friends ran out then went home

wk:7 Dr poopy pants saves the world

Once apun a time there was a hero named dr poopy  pants .Every body thou lad he was a nice guy. But dr pip was his enemy but dripping was bad he hated every body.He tried to take over the world many times about 100 times but suddenly a Big Bang ? .Dr poopy pants went to see what is happening there he is dr pip was taking over . Drpoopy pants was there he saw him and followed him . Dr pip went to his house and as the door slammed I knew he was hidding I found him and put him in the dirt he was never seen again.

WK7:Not Really A Haunted House..

Hi I’m Jimmy and my friends told me about this really weird haunted house that no one escapes, I said il go inside. The next day they brought me there, It was dark,spooky and it was in a forest. I entered there came across the kitchen it was empty, I left straight away. There was stairs I walked up them and found a bedroom, there was a chest it was already open I looked inside there was a gold necklace but I heard noises and as the door slammed, I knew I had to get out quick I ran ran ran till I was out, Turns out it was a cat.

WK7 The alien invasion

One day I was in my house just chilling and suddenly as the door slammed,I knew there was trouble.As I went over to the door there was aliens but very unusual aliens.As in really funny one was eating his feet they call them selfs Ogbog and Ogborg.”Get your feet out your mouth! shouts Ogbog.I ask them where did they come from they play smart and said somewhere.They tell me about themselves they are from Bordorclock a small planet like myself to be honest.I just can’t stop laughing at Ogborg he has his feet in his mouth again.”GET YOUR FEET OUT OF YOUR MOUTH Ogbog shouts.