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Month: September 2017

The Wizard Village

Once apron a time there was a small village.This was not an ordinary one.It was a wizard village.You had to be a wizard to get in.There were wizards of every kind.Wizards with red,purple,orange and grey cloaks.One day a professer tried to get in.It was difficult to get in because there was a twisted crocodile guarding it.Day after day he tried.One day the crocodile wasn’t there.He got in.He lived there for a while.He got very lonely he brought his family.They lived happily ever after The end

the purple professor

one night I was outside and I saw somthing moving in the bushes. It was purple it was a professor looking for somthing. I said to the professer do u need help. He said its very difficult finding a crocodile  . I said to him u can find crocodiles  in the swamp at the end of the road. So he went to the swamp. There was lots down there. The professor said Im getting the nice one or the twisted one. In the end he picked the twisted one. It was so twisted that it walked into the wall so I went home and straight into bed

The Secret Spy

One day there was a secret spy.His job was to receive stolen gems.The secret spy found it difficult.He reached out to his professor and asked him “when are we going to get the purple jewels”the spy said viciously worrying.The professor licked his lips and wondered in his mind a plan to trick the spy.And he said “I think your going to have to wait on that retrieve heist”.Said the professor mumbling suspiciously.Next he twisted around and ran. The professor grabbed his rocket flying invention and stole an laser gun and flew rapidly fast to The bank of Ireland.After that he shot his laser gun onto the vault door. And saw one person standing in the vault to be continued???


One day,there was a Professor called Tom,was trying to find a cure of a disease called pdc stades for purple dead crocodile.It killies more than 250-678 crocodiles a week.After weeks tom finally found a cure for this disease.But then tom dropped the cure it affected his brain and much more.He went Twisted and stared to attack the other professor.A guard ran  into the room shoot tom more than 3 shots to the head.BUT he did not die.Tom escaped for the lapator and ran for his life.The last 678 crocodiles were left they are still alive but Tomthe twisted profession was still out there I hope the police got Tom.

Kid normal

hi my name is mike and I always move houes because my mom always gets new jobs.This all happened cause my dad had an car everybody knows that if you move houses you will have a new school well I had loads of schools it is difficult for me to fit in but for my brother it’s so easy since he’s in college he doesn’t have to move college. I have to go to a new school tomorrow the next day my mom  woke me up so I went to use the toilet but my mom who twisted and angry. We drove to school mean professor croc  who was a villain hafe crocodile wearing a purple suit this going to be fun ha ha

Twisted professor

One day a silly professor thought a class that were so rude .he wanted to give them to the pruple crocodile . so jimmy went of to the woods with the professor. To hunt for the wood we went back to the camp we got the wood had a nice relaxing night . Went back to school the next day. And so the class we had pe on a Friday the day was over  we all went on a class trip on a none school day because  professor thought that if he brought them on a trip they would behave but little did he now that there would  push him down the stairs to his doom


Hi my name is Mike and i just started school and you know some people realy do want to go to school after summer holidays right?but not with anoying people in your class like me i  have some anoying people in my class and the worst one is called jack.He calls him self jack the crocodile because he realy does like crocodiles.The thing i realy hate about him is that he draws a profesor with purple crocodile slippers who does that?When we do our friday test he just moves a bit over to me and cheats i always catch him at the end and say what are you doing and he just says its difficult its a joke right?


The Professors purple crocodile

Once there was a twisted professor that was messing around with different shades of purple with a few animal D.N.A . But it went wrong when he tripped and fell dropping one purple shade and a ancient crocodile egg but the lucky injured professor the egg landed on his chair but so did the purple shade capsule and spilt on the egg bringing it back to live. But still the injured professor was having a difficult time walking so he called 911 the ambulance they pick him up and drove to the hospital and quicky removed the broke bone. 5 months later… the ancient crocodile egg hatchs it goes on a rapepage distroying every thing after an hour it found a way out but it was a trap the ancient crocodile fell in a lave pool and died …..the end.


professor clington

One day professor clington was teaching his class. He was teaching about animals and there natural habitats. He told the children to make up there own imaginary animals. One person wrote about a flying crocodile. It’s natural habitat is stealing purple towels. And eating dirty nasty horrendous stinky socks. Professor clington was shocked by the child’s animal. Another little boy wrote about a animal called the big nosed buffalo. It’s natural habitat is to kill people that are ugly for good. The teacher was so supped that he ran around the class and twisted his ankle and fell in such a difficult way that anyone could fall in.

The professor with the purple crocodile

Once there was a professor who loved to invent new things.Everyday he would make new things.but once it went very wrong. A purple crocodile he shouted he went out side and shouted run to the people there is a purple crocodile run for your life. So they all ran for there life’s the professor said it is going to be a difficult day to get the crocodile.But the crocodile sneaked up on himgrabbed his leg as the crocodile rapped spun and twisted the professors leg the FBI came .The professor shouted finally shout him ok thank you so muck and he never greeted anything again end

The Professor

One day there was a professor in his lab in underground New York City.He loved the colour purple and his whole lab was covered in it.It was very weird.But then one day,an 11 year old boy stumbled across an open hatch and he jumped down the twisted tube.The professor greeted the boy.”Hello ,my name is Cornelius Quinton”.It was very difficult to say his name.The boy called Sean,greeted back with “hi my names Sean what is this place,then Sean was frightened at the sight of a crocodile pool .” This is my lab which you are going to stay here forever,and let out a ghastly laugh.

The portal

on one rainey day. There was a scienctist trying to build a portal to purple world but it was a Difficult taske so he asked for help it took 2 days to do it.all the helpers saw a purple world over in the other my helpers put there suits on so they won’t go into bits and I went to it was like a twisted thing we landed on the ground. there were so many things I never saw animals there were things paintings AND THERE WAS CROCODILE it looked nice well no and the portal was closing and I was lost and THE END

Assassin 105

Once in a desert. There was a city. The city was called ‘assassin city’. And in this twisted city. There was a assassin called ‘assassin 105’. And assassin 105 was the best assassin ever. 1 day assassin 105 had a mission to assassinate professor crocodile. Assassin 105 was wearing a purple ninja suit. Assassin 105 was at the professor’s lab. It was difficult to get in the building with all the camera’s. Eventually assassin 105 got in the building and shot the professor. The police came. And thank god assassin 105 got out. The next day there was a paper’s around the city saying twisted assassin on the loose prise of catching is 111.0000000 what will happen next??? The end for now!!!

The boy and the scientist

There was a boy called Steve.When he went to school he was sitting next to a genius.Everyone taught he was a professor.Meanwhile Steve found school very difficult.He always wore shoes that were ment to be like crocodile’s they were called crocks.He always wore the purple ones.When he got out of school he went straight home and relaxed for a while.Then he went out with his friends and played football for a while.Then they just walked for a while.His friends abandoned him after a while.But then he saw a twisted scientist.Steve stared at him for a while and then the scientist saw him

Professor Crocodile

One day at a lab in America a syintest made a potion. The potion was to make you a crocodile. And he drank it and then he became Professor Crocodile. All his life he loved super villains so he said why not be one. And he destroyed all of America”hahaha no one can stop me says Professsor. “I’m twisted but I like it ohh a purple store.” Its very hard being a villain lets go somewhere to eat oh yeah there is none aghhh. So he went home and made another potion. What could the potion do.


The Twisted Professer

One twisted day a very powerful professor escaped from a high security prison. He was Mal. His parents named him that before they died. He was in rage. He decided to make a powerful mutant mixbreed. It was a combination of a crocodile and cheetah. He called it Crichee. It was a purple destructive rage-enduring speeding hybrid. It way to difficult to kill. It can decimate anything in its sight. He decided it was time to take revenge on the people that killed his parents. The professor had a mental illness. It was personality disorder. His second name is Josh and he found out HE was the killer…

The lab

In the crazy lab there was a twisted professor.He was experimenting on crocodiles it was a difficult experiment.But one day the scientist made a breakthrough and turned all the crocodiles purple.The scientist used mind control to make the purple crocodiles obey him.The mad scientist turned to the near town and made his purple crocodiles attack people.Suddenly the swat team came and fought the mad scientist.There was a long battle then the mad scientist and the swat team  made a deal the professor could keep his purple crocodiles but leave the town.The professor agreed and the town was safe or was it.Then the professor got bit by a crocodile

The Professor’s Challenge

One night, in a dark, scary laboratory was a scientist.He wasn’t the usual scientist instead of a white cape he had a purple one and he wore no shoes.Anyway this scientist was actually only called a professor and he also had a crocodile called Bob.One day Bob was going for his daily stroll and fell into a river of nuclear waste,When the Professor saw he came running and took him out.The next day Bob was all twisted up the Professor was sad.The Profesor said to himself “I have a difficult challenge up ahead”anyway what lies ahead of this Professor and his crocodile…..

Crazy town

In an crazy town there was a mad perfesser every day the perfesser would do something crazy the craziest thing he did was maked the town purple  it was a diffaclit town to live in people will never go visit the town it was how can I tell you today I was worried because the perfesser didn’t do anything crazy yet so i,ll be so worried I’m thinking of moving out of this town to be updated



The Weird Professor

There was once a tall professor called Einstein and he lived in a large country called France.The professor decided to create a human.

The next day Einstein put the human DNA  in the science bottle  then he haphazardly put a animal’s DNA  inside the science bottle but he did’nt perceive.Then he mixed the DNA,after there came a huge fat twisted crocodile.

 2 weeks later, the crocodile started destroying houses then Einstein had a plan.He searched for the purple potion and he found it,next he threw the potion at the crocodile. After that the crocodile dematerialize  and he was never seen again.