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Month: June 2017

the mutant ratman

once up on there was normal  rat roaming around the streets  of new york .everywhere he went  he got hatred  no one liked him because he was a rat . one day he was in an estate and someone dropped a bottle of mutant stuff and the flash of lighting it was a rat man who was nine hundred meters in hight and nine thousand pounds it was a monster of a rat it was evil and fat  ,big ,ugly and stupid it was bigger than than than ten houses on top of eachother was it evel or good to be continued

A day to never forget By Michael

In 2001 it was Tuesday morning the 12 of September there was planes living from Boston flight 11 left Boston a couple of mins flight 11 has been hijacked.Now they are heading to New York.At 8.46 am in the flash of lightning I saw flight 11 crash into the    first tower.Now flight 175 has been hijacked now there heading to New York at 9.03 am flight 175 hits the other tower.The fireman made to both of the towers but at 10.00 am the first tower falls down.Then a couple hours later the second tower falls.Then fight 93 hits the pentagon thousand of people were lost.

The Sinking Titanic By Radek

Once upon a time 100 years ago.. there was the unsinkable ship called Titanic. Lots of people went there. Some people spend over £2000 to be on titanic. Titanic was leaving Cobh on 11th April 1912. First 3 days were calm no pressure but on 14th of April 1912 Lookouts saw an iceberg. They rang bell 3 times. After a while people were screaming and shouting. Titanic hits an iceberg. After 2 hours titanic  shoots the flares In the flash of lighting I saw a something but it flew away to sky. 19 minutes later Titanic sanks. Most famous and unsinkable ship just sank! Over 1000 people died. They buy tickets for over £2000 to die.

The end!!! By Lennon

1971 , Bombs every where. So many people were suffering it was horrible. One corner you turn they’re would be people starving the other would be guns and bombs. They were no where to hid. It was like hell terrifying is not even the word. There were kids running and…

In the flash of lighting  I saw a girl came and stopped it all finally. She was a goddess and every one was save finally. No more wars no more fights no more bad stuff. But that was years ago and this is now.

the house fire by shane

When I was just two months old both my parents past away in a fire.I was a lonely child and I was the only person saved,but got badly burned.Now I live with my grandparents only a block away from my old house.Today is the anneversary of the fire and im going back to the old house to explore it.there is a terrible chill in there.Suddenly i heard a BANG.and in the flash of lightning i saw my parents with a new child.But that new child was actually me.i could see in to the past.

The Fish Race by Habib

The day has come. It was time for the fish race. The most intense race in the sea world. All the fastest fish came. The fish were pumped up for the race. They were ready for the race. But in the flash of lighting I saw Flash Fish. He was the fastest fish in the whole entire sea world. He was ready and pumped for he race. The race was about to commence. On your marks get set go! The race started. But the fish were confused because there were obstacles everywhere. There were mines everywhere. If one fish triggered any mine all of them would go off. So everybody fled.

The haunted house by Reyad

It was a stormy day. I was going to haunted house. I drove there was a big fence I had to hop over it. I stepped in the house and there was knife on the ground. I heard a big bang and I took my gun out. And again I heard a big bang it the flash of lighting I saw a big showed. There was somebody there a man jumped in front of me and tried to stabbed me with a knife but he missed I shot him and then the police came and tried to arrest me but I punched him the I  ran back to  my car.

Old friends by Ed

This was it the final show down . I was in the place where Majan said to meet me .He had my life long friend Regina. It was in the house where me and Majan first met . His childhood house where he learned how to use magic. He wanted to be my best friend but I blocked him out for Regina the. I t was a stormy night and In the flash of lightning I saw him. “You might have magic but I have courage ” I said .” Please don’t kill her .” “Oh I won’t kill her but I’ll make her wish she was dead.” I tried to move but I went really slow , and just as I got there he paralysed her . This was my punishment for ignoring him.