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Month: May 2017

Working in fnaf

I was working in a restaurant called Freddy fazzbears restaurant (I was a worker there) I had to work there about from 12:00 to 5:00 at night. It was a dark alley it was 11:59 until it stroke midnight I looked through my camera and I saw the robots on the scene disappearing one by one theire eyes were red. They were disappearing From the room to the other closer to me I was freaking out so bad. Suddenly in the flash of lightning I saw one of the robots called Bonnie in my face it was 5:00 o’clock and Bonnie lost power I ran out of the building so fast.

crash course x origins part 1 by dylan

me and my friends were exploring a cave when we found a massive space ship.the door opened and we decided to enter.In the flash of lighting i saw a cute little robot he said “hello im alpha 12 descendant of the legendary  alpha 5″.I said “take us to your master please alpha”.He said “sure”.We walk through a massive door and inside was a massive glass chamber.suddenly a beautiful being appeared inside the glass chamber she said “hello i am karona i am here to guide you five i will train you to become the legendary crash course.(A devise appeared in our hands) thease are your morphers  they will help you in battle i will reveal more at a later date”.  to be continued 

the helpful rober by Sam

One night in my new house me and my cat were in bed. In the flash of lighting i heard a sound like a broken pane of glass. My cat ran off the bed  so I went down stairs and I said hello and I got this back ” I am in the kitchen want a sandwich ” and i said ham and cheese sandwich so we talked for a long time and then he started looking for money so i helped him when he found some money i said thanks he sad ” that is for us to share ” OK . We worked together for the rest of time

Enter the speed force by Brian

The Flash was gone… After stopping his worst enemy Savitar, he ended up causing an earthquake in the speed force [which is a “prison”] it was happening because it needed a prisoner. So The Flash decided to go in, he knew he wouldn’t get out . He said his goodbyes and left. But I couldn’t let him go so I , Kid Flash went in to save him. Inside it was so weird, then I ran and saved him and we then we destroyed the speed force and ran. We were all saved back together. But then in the flash of lightning I saw a man in a gold and yellow suit. Then…..


One lovely day on our country . Some people in a lab were testing a DNA sample that they found in a cave full of eggs. They were thinking of thring to make him alive . In the the flash of a lighting I saw a 100 ft monster attacking the lab he looked me in the eye you have never seen my face like this. The monster flew away and was attacking the city when the the ground was shacking look some strange guy said it is another monster the first monster flew over the monster from the water grabed the monster mouth and blow fire in his mouth he won. Some people call him a mondter I call him Godzilla

The attack by Ryan.G

It was a normal day and I was getting KFC for lunch, but I saw a big explosion . I ran home with my family and we went to hide. People were knocking on the door shouting for help but the two door handles were brooking , we looked out of the attic window , IN the flash of lighting I saw another explosion. There was about fifty cop cars and helicopters. I was so scared that I dropped my phone and it cracked . The next year we moved to Whales. It was a great place to  stay safe . We had a happy life.

Whoever controls London,controls the world.

Hi I’m Evie Frye and I’m Jacob Frye.We’re assassin twins.Our father died a few years back.There is a horrible man running London and we need to kill him.His name is Crawford Starrick.And as everybody nows in 1868 whoever controls London controls the world.One day it was thunder and lightning.Lightning struck right in front of me.In the flash of lightning I saw my father.He was telling me Jacob was in trouble.The piece of eden was killing him.Suddenly my whole life flashed before my eyes.I now who killed my father.It was ME.I need to get Jacob.Before Starrick gets him.


Once upon a time there was a island off the cost of Jamaica with talking cats the cats also worked they worked in a Jamaicaing coal mine . I m the head cat of the business one night in a flash of lighting I saw the GHOST of a dead cat who died in mine accident  . He said he wants a chicken burger from KFC or the island will rain forever . So I went on way true the city . When I got  there it was night so I had to make my own chicken burger it was mess but I did it . When i got back cat ghost ate the burger and said it was ……. ha you ill never know.

The Silent Scream by Bartek

I was surrounded by tall trees.I was on a night walk by myself.It suddenly got dark and started raining.I decided not to stop and go on.The atmosphere got very scary for some reason.Then from a long distance, I heard a quiet scream.I started running towards the exit.But then in the flash of lightning, I saw a levitating girl figure.I ran the other way and got past it.Suddenly I got out.I ran to the nearest police station and told them what happened.We got there and the police surrounded the forest and didn’t let anyone in.what a crazy experience.

The bash By Maksimo

What do you mean? my name is garry dabben and i am the slowest human being on fearth
Wait wuhh? garry dabbenn??
Then … in the flash of lightning I saw … that he was barry allen and came back for dabbng city…
Then he dissapeared like it was a dream and the very next day there was this dude named  Perfumo And he tried to poisen everybody on fearth but The Bash was lucky enough to save me and everyone!
then the next day he came back to the place i was in and said Hi my name is Barry Allen and im the fastest Man on earth\


The End

Chinatown By Abraham

There was a really steerage town called Chinatown.  Where there was no news or a radio so if anything was going to happen they wouldn’t  know. One cold misty night there was a storm heading towards Chinatown, but nobody knew and they say Chinatown is haunted because when there is lightening a shadow appears. I heard a loud noisee from far away so I started to panic. I told everyone but they said I was just hearing noises I agreed with them and stayed with them. The lightening struck and I got scared because  ” in the flash of lightening  I saw a shadow”


Flash By Karim

There once was a man his name Barry Allen his talent nothing. Until one night that changed everything. Barry was going to see the new particle accelerator that Star labs had created. But suddenly the creation blew up and lightening struck it turned Barry into someone else something else the Flash the fastest man alive or was he. Barry woke up in a bright room with three people standing above him there names Caitlin, Cisco and Harrison wells the master mind of the particle accelerator.

Harrison asked “Barry are you okay”

Barry replied “No in the flash of lightening I saw a man in a yellow and red suit”.

Cisco and Caitlin say “Reverse Flash”

And disappear.




















































































harrison said “Barry are you okay


Scary night by Niall

It was a rainy winter night. I couldn’t sleep all I could hear was thunder and lightning. I got up to get some water. In the flash of lighting I saw a ghost. As I saw the ghost all the rain,thunder and lightning stopped. I was so scared the door slammed in front of me. I didn’t know what to do. So I ran up the stairs to my mam and dad I told them that I saw a ghost. They didn’t believe me. They said it was only the thunder and lightning. They told me to go back to sleep. I woke up it was only a dream.

The leave by Jack.k

One day when I was a baby I was given a leave.I got it so small that I couldn’t go anywhere without it.Twenty years later I left the leave on the table beside me.Suddenly it flew out the window from the air in the flash of lighting I saw it .So I ran after it it was a windy day so I chased the leave for a long time.It was still going two hours later finally the wind stopped and my leave went in a tree.I climbed the tree and finally I got it back I was so really happy.

The happy hands by habib

The hands were things that didn’t like anything. They didnt even like chicken. The people of the world always tried to cheer up the hands by cooking food and playing games. But the hands didn’t care. No one knew what they liked. So the hands were not happy and they started crushing buildings everywhere. They were so angry that half the world was crushed. But one man owned a fast food restaurant and his specialty was burgers. His burgers were so amazing that everyone loved them so much. So he made this gigantic burger and gave it to the hands. The hands held the burger and crushed it. The hands were now happy hands. Everyone loves the burgers.

The hamburger

One day I was at the old comic store. I was eating a hamburger while I turned and someone took it but it was only me and this painting I said ”hello is anybody there at first I thought that the painting took it but when I knocked at the big painting I looked at the painting and it grabbed me the hamburger was still there I looked at him he had no face. I asked where are we going he didin’t talk then I just came back to the real world   when I came back there was two arms with a hamburger poking out the painting with a hamburger.

The Weird Story about someone eating a Cheeseburger by Eoin

Once there was a man called Peter, who LOVED cheeseburgers. One day, he went to Mac Cheeseburger (a fast food place) in his town, but he started to swell up. Everyone started to panic, put Peter had no idea what was happening. He just kept eating his tasty cheeseburger. He had no idea he was about to blow up. He finished his cheeseburger and ordered 3 more, but he was about to explode. Peter was in grave danger and he didnt even know. Peter ate 2 of his cheeseburgers, but blew up by eating too many  with the 3rd in his hands.

The adventures of mix up girl

  • Mix up girl was running from magic hunter Corey who was after her magic he could walk through walls when he was young he put his hands through a hamburger restaurant and stole a burger!Mg charged a mix up blast but missed Corey he got away mg(short for mix up girl)went searching for him but found a spaceship wreck she opened th door and looked inside inside she saw her evil clone girl up faded away few it was just a hallucination.suddenly Corey dropped a net on mix up girl she tried and tried to get out but she could not!……TO BE CONTINUED

The Magic Man by Adam

Once there was a Magic Man named Julio. Julio was a very kind man and wanted to help the poor. He saw starving children on the streets and wanted to give them food and everything they needed to live. So since he was magic, he gave all the poor people food, water and a home. But there was one man didn’t get one thing. A magic burger. So the magic man gave him a magic burger and then the man was happy. But he couldn’t give everyone what they wanted. There are still people that are starving in the world and Julio couldn’t help them all. But remember it’s the small things that count.

The strange monster by Brian

There once was a town called Loompa Land where all the Oompa Loompas live. There had been rumours about a man with no face lingering around the town. One day an Oompa Loompa called Ryan he loved burgers,chips,pizza and hot dogs. One day he decided to go to Loompa Land Cafe. He then ordered a snake and shark burger combo! He then struggled to find a seat because he was so fat. but when he was eating the burger white hands came out of the table… It was Slenderman he the started to kill everyone. A happy ending. [sort of]