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Month: April 2017

Swimming nightmare by Niall

I was swimming in the best indoor swimming pool in the world. I was so excited. When I was swimming I looked up and the slime dripped through the walls. The lifeguard said to leave but already the slime was in the pool. I thought I was going to die because there were only four lifeguards and they were at the other side of the pool. They were also trapped in the slime. All of a sudden someone dragged me out. He brought me outside. I said how can I repay you. He said you don’t have to. Everyone was ok.

The Evil Scientist By Abraham

It was a devilish day in a small town called Deville. There were normal people and one evil scientist. It was Halloween, and the evil scientist had made a evil Frankenstein that gets controlled by him. The  Frankenstein was in a tube, if you wanted​ to wake the Frankenstein up you need special slime which the scientist had. The evil scientist took the slime, and poured it in the tube. As the slime dripped through the wholes in the tube,the Frankenstein woke up and said “my master I serve you”. The scientist controlled it and made it break into people’s houses. Everyone ran away from the town.

The ship by Jack.k

One night Max was sailing on his boat.The sea was really rough.Later he was going to bed.When he awoke he noticed slime on his boat the slime dripped through his boat.His boat was sinking he picked up his phone and called for help that he was sinking.A rescue boat was on its way.When he was waiting for the rescue boat he tried to fix the boat after twenty minutes the rescue boat arrived.He couldn’t fix his boat but it sank so they went back to shore.He was so sad because he loved that boat.Do the next day he bought a new boat.

the ghosts by Brandon

once upon there was  two ghosts and they werent evil ghosts  but everyone thougt they were evil the two of the ghosts to convince the people  that they were good they were realy were super heros who could walk through walls once they saved a childs life but the people still didnt beiieve they were good in 1999  the world was invaded by aliens and one of the ghosts was captured by the aliens  and the aliens tried  to turn him evil but just in time his brother came and saved him the ghosts vs aliens to be continued


Once upon a time there was a land only magic people could get to a place where dogs owned society . A place where dogs could speck and had jobs . But there was a dark part of the land . Where the devil did his work .So this is where are story will begain . In this magic land a dog called Joe was on a mission to get the fabulous dog bone . After looking for  the fabulous dog bone for days . He found it but it was nt so fabulous . It was moldy and there for like 100 years . THE END

The Flash By Jack.M

My name is Barry Allen.I am he fastest man alive.An accident made me something impossible.My greastest enemy is Zoom he’s a speedster just like me.One time we were fighting and he was running so fast that he ran through a wall.He was trying to kill my father…well my sort off father Joe.My friend Cisco was telling me to run as fast as I could so I could run through a wall so I did.I was running at moch 4.0. I ran so fast I caught up to him in 3 seconds.I grabbed him.His mask flew off.He said”Yes Barry I’m you from EARTH 2

the accident by shane

once upon a time there was a mighty king who ruled the whole of Europe.And for years he had all of his slaves build a giant castle for him.But an accident occurred.It was the last day of the castle to be finished and two slaves were running away from gladiators with horses and the two slaves were not looking where they were going and got stuck got stuck in wet paste that had been drying.And that is the story that has been being told for generations that is called the “two men in the castle wall”

the ghost gang by Michael

In 1999 there was a gang called muffin they liked the name they would save good people from bad people.The bad people would run away from the ghosts. Then after the bad people go out again and steal off old people.A alarm would call in the ghost wall where they were.The bad people would hide again.The ghost got others ghosts the bad people were in trouble.Then bad people would go underground to take stuff from old people .The ghosts will chase down the bad people.THE GHOST go fast as they can to catch the bad people.The bad people were trapped

The new machine by Reyad

Once upon time there was a boy called Bob. A brand new machine came out it turns you into invisible for one hour . Bob went to the shop and bought the machine. It cost 2 thousand Dollar .Bob went home and took the machine he aimed it at himself and pressed the button.It turned him into invisible.Bob went to the shop and stole an apple then he went to the bank an stole few money.Bob went to the airport then he went on the airport and went on the plane and went to different place.

Strange flashbacks by Ryan.G

One day I got this weird flashback,It felt like I was a ghost. I could go through walls , I was in a pyrimed getting chased by mummys , it was scary and there was a king mummy it was massive. The king mummy  could barely fit in it. It felt like a dream, I was hiding behind a coffin. I could fly and I saw loads of dead people coverd in toilet paper. I got back out of the flashbacks but how ? I ended up to by lieing in a rubbish bin bananana.

The wall of walls by Habib

It was a dark day in the wall town. All the walls were freezing cold. They needed to stop this madness so they called the wall if walls. The wall of walls was a huge wall that could cover up ever thing you told it to cover. And to add to that its programmed to make any wall that wants to pass the wall of walls will scan them to see if they live there. Once you were scanned the wall of walls lets to pass through this magical invisible wall it has secretly secured in it. The wall of walls is amazing.

The afterlife by Evan

One day I came down the stairs and saw 2 big red arrows flashing on the sitting room wall and they were pointing towards the basement. So I went down into the basement and I saw something totally different. There were 2 statues carved into the wall. So I went over an touched the wall and it shook like jelly. Then my hand started to sink into the wall. I suddenly felt very brave and curious and I popped my head through. What I saw was millions upon millions of ghost flying around. I think I had found a portal to the Afterlife.

The wish

  • It was a cold day outside me and my friend were playing a game. My friend started to be mean to me so I got mad we had a big fight. We did not talk for 3 months and then eventually a wizard came from the sky and granted one wish to me and my wish was my friend would be frozen for the rest of Eternity. It was the end of the fourth month me and my other friend were at school and we see my friend = enemy stuck in a wall but then their was a big bang there I was in the middle of the wall beside my enemy which was my best friend.

Ghost dog! by Brian

One day when I was walking  home from school, I noticed a house that was all grey and black , I remembered  what the house used to look like all colourful and happy looking. So I decided to go in,In the house there were all old and broken and then I heard  a bark I  that bark but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I then continued on further and I kept hearing more whines and bark noises. As I walked into the bedroom It looked like no one had ever used it except it was  dark coloured then I saw a dog when I said hello it ran and walked trough a wall!, then I remembered it was the dog from the family that used to be there!

The time twins and the magic wall by dylan

lexi and Hunter were time twins.this means that they are twins but have the ability to time travel.This is about when they got the powers.Lexi texted Hunter and asked him to meet her outside class 13.Class 13 was the biology lab and it was full of cool things.Lexi and Hunter opened the door to class 13 and instead of a doorway there was a wall they decided to walk into the wall.After that they  walked into the wall. Suddenly they were standing on the titanic and it was sinking they bolted to the back of the ship.Lexi held Hunter’s hand and said”I’m scared I want to go home”.Suddenly there was a big flash of light and they were back at home.     TO BE CONTINUED

The Titanic Ghost by Adam

When people were on the Titanic, they noticed something very strange. There were glasses,plates and all other things moving. Then suddenly they felt a tilt on the ship. THE SHIP WAS SINKING!!! Everyone was racing to life boats. But there were two people, who got there first, because they could walk through walls. They were ghosts! But the ghosts turned away from the life boats and flew into the sky.  People were absolutely terrified. They felt the ship sinking deeper and deeper. There was no hope of survival unless you were on a life boat. And to this day people think those ghosts made the ship sink.

The Haunted Dimension

I finally found it. The secret portal to the Haunted Dimension. I received a hint that criminals were going to open this portal, and I had to stop them. This portal could somehow camouflage though, so    when people went through it, it looked like they went through the wall. (2 HOURS LATER) The criminals were finally here, and I was ready to stop them. I grabbed my gun and blocked the 5 criminals from opening the portal and leaving out the ghosts. We fought for HOURS until I threw the criminals into the Haunted Dimension, never to be seen again.

Robber By Radek

Once upon a time there was Nicky Robber. His name was Robber because he was robber. 4 years later. He said to him self. I have to robb the bank. And he did. But when he was in the bank he heard someone. This was another robber. He tried as well robb the bank. Then Nicky said to him: hey dof u want to rob the bank? He said: of course what is your name? My name is Nicky what your name? My name is Gabriel. After a while they tried to escaped but when they were running they ran into wall and theyou stuck.

The order of the lost hand:The final battle. By Ed

This was it, Frynox was here and he was going to destroy the hold world . The O.O.T.L.H. (Order of the lost hand) -a society of super hero’s working together to destroy they’re worst enemy Frynox -were looking through the archives and found out the only way to put Frynox back to sleep was to give up they’re powers . So after a battle with Frynox (in which they were defeated ) that’s what they did. But ,for they’re bravery the old O.O.T.L.H gave them all there powers back even better than before . “Guyes ,there is a disturbance in London .” said Sarah . “Team go.”


My friend pushed me in to the wall and I fell in to another dimension. It was time dimension the thing that I saw it is too hard to explain . But I somehow escaped the dimension of time. When I escaped I had a feeling that someone or something had escaped too but who? It was night time I was going to sleep suddenly I noticed that someone was staring at me I didin’t know who. I saw two white eyes just staring and when I looked out the window he or she was gone if it was gone it was gone or mabe not?