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Month: March 2017

The traveling shop by Michael

In 2002 it was a beautiful day in NEW YORK there was a  shop        there.There were two people went into the shop they bought sweet they were brown they were worried they took out there camera and they took a picture they tried to leave the door was locked they were not happy then the shop was gone then it went some where else .They went into another place they were shocked they tried to go back then the two people got out of the shop.The shop went to another place they said where is that shop is going . Then the people came back

A Crazy Day at School by Brian

Hello I’M Bongo this was my crazy day at school…Today in school some crazy things happened, our  teacher Mr. Popsicle  told me Eoin and Rylo to go and print some pages. So then we all went over to the office and printed them, but on our security camera we saw a brown bear , we were all so worried exept for Rylo wt meho said it was”beautiful” we went and told the principal Mr. Grinch . Before the bears came in  to our class Mrmussel had already called the animal control when they came they shot a pink tranquilizer dart and brought it back to the zoo. The we got a reward for our hard work 100000 euro!! The end.

The Time Traveller by Caedyn

Me and my best friend Lucy  made a time machine it was hard but we got there . I was worried on our first attempt .  I grabbed my camera and off we went . AHHHHHHHH BANG. Where are we its its beautiful is in it  Lucy yes it out standing . I think were in the stone age . Look at men there wearing brown skin . And they a hammer or something I think there hunting for food . I think we better leave Lucy yes lets go .

The Oak Tree by Sam

I am the grandson of the great  tim travler Justin hi. One day I went to my grandads house and went to the basment an saw an old Camera next to it was the thing  I want it the  timemachine. I hop in it and went back 200 hundert years . and saw a worried beautiful girl . So i went over to her aand said hi to her  wath is wrong she said I really want to plant an oak three so i planeted it.I came back to 2017 and here was a beautiful brown oak tree

the titanic-by Brandon

in 1912 the most beautiful ship anybody had ever seen the insides were brown  it was the titanic  it was launched on April 20 1912  they said it was practicably unsinkable  but everybody forgot the word practicably the makers of the ship  made it very fancy  it was also the biggest ship in the world at the time  when they were out in the middle of the sea at 2340 the last ever picture with a camera was by a priest  hours  it hit a iceberg and the captain said just incase we have to keep the people from getting worried   when the captain thought they were getting away with it they hit it the maker was on board  so he went down to the bottom

The long forest

It was a dark dark night me and my cousion went out hunting so we went to one of the biggest forest in the world so when we were there the ground was very hard . then we saw something in the distence it was brown, beautiful so i took my Iphone out . my cousion said he was worried it was a bear it had red eyes so we tought he was vicious so we ran back to the car and the bear ran after us so we rang the animal control so they came late the BANG the bear was gone no body know weres he gone .

the weird scary pictures

I am lonely and i have a camera. Ill be taking pictures of random stuff. I started to take the pictures and the first thing i took was a big brown bear. I ran SO fast my legs went all hard and i fell over. The bear was gone. Then i went a took another picture and this time it was a rock and the rock was so beautiful  but then the rock hit me in the head. then i got worried if i took another picture so i went home and the door was locked and i was so sad.


HI IM john,and hers a story im going to tell you.There was an old couple who had a really hard life and didnt get paid to much money.And had a really hard life.And they only wanted two things that they savedtheirvwhole life for a beautifal brown  camera and a lovely holiday.And now they had just enough money to get both things.They were extatic with joy.But the wife was worried because she had a terrible fear of planes.But in the end the old couple finnaly got the two things they really wanted.THE END

The Revenge by Eoin

It was time. 20 years ago, I was framed by my old friend, who was the one who stole the diamonds. But I’m out of prison and it’s time for my revenge. I got my camera, with all the evidence I gathered and ran to his house. When I got there, he opened the door and I hit him on the head, HARD. Then I stole some beautiful brown diamonds on his desk and ran. I was really worried because I thought he was running after me, but I got to the police station in time, showed them the evidence and my old friend was put in jail.

River treasure by Evan

I was going down to the river so I could find some river treasure. It was hard to get there. I had to walk through the beautiful fields. I got to the river and took out my camera to record a You tube video. I got in the river and as soon as I did I saw a brown necklace. Just then a very very big fish swam by and I got worried. So I swam up to the top but the fish bit my leg and pulled my leg down but I got out. I came home and posted the video, but I only found one treasure.

The Titanic by Ryan G

I was on the Titanic it was beautifiul I wish I bought my camera. The waves were as big as the deck on the Titanic,I saw loads of people they looked worried,I thought we were ok. But suddenly the bottom floors were filling with water I was scared, I thought it was a dream. Slowley the water kept flowing up and the titanic was sinking from the back first it was hard to stay on. But i saw a boat loaring down to get away I surived, When i glot off i told all my friends they did not belive me.

The new house by Reyad

It was the day that I was going to buy my new house.I went to the garden I saw a beautiful flower. I went to get the flower and I fell on a hard rock. I was worried because I thought I broke leg. But I was ok.I went to the shop and bought a camera.I went home to charge my camera few hours later it was charge.I took a photo of my new house.After that I went to make a cup of tea.To be countinud!

The Snake

One day,well a very special day my birthday I was in the Reptile Zoo there were things like chameleons,iguanas what my mom was worried about most was the snakes.I got to hold a bearded dragon.My friend Liam got to hold a chameleon which I wanted to hold lucky.My dad got to hold got THE SNAKE.It was a hard brown scaly snake.He got a picture taken with it.It was a beautiful picture.But the snake ATE the camera.Everybody ran as fast as they could.the Reptile Zoo was closed and the worst shop ever was opened PENNY’S

April fools by Lennon

On the 1st of April A.K.A April fools day. A beautiful young girl dog came in to the city and loved me…

A hard person named Mr.Pineapple A.K.A by hard I mean he hated people and was hard on people. He came into school and was wearing a Hawain pants and a camera and brown hair instead of white. Back to the dog it was a joke for the village with fake bombs on it. Everyone was worried and all a long a man was controlling a robot dog and until it just broke. It said “I am a robot APRIL FOOLS DAY.

The Fish Photographer by Habib

The fish of the sea were havng a party because it was the grand fish’s birthday. All the fish came to have fun at the party including the Fish Photographer. He was a great photographer. The pictures he took were beautiful and his camera was the best in the world. The camera was powerful and hard so it couldn’t break. And it had a shade of brown on it. The fish photographer was taking photos nonstop. But the Grand Fish was worried the photographer wouldn’t get a good photo of him so he sat on the photographer and stole his camera. The photographer died ad the Grand Fish was happy becase he got a good photo of himself.

The Lonely Bear by Adam

In Texas, there was once a bear named Jeremy. Jeremy was very lonely and he needed a friend. So one day he was walking in the forest when…..a beautiful, brown bear was walking past him. He decided to ask him to be his friend….and the bear said “yes”. So the next day a lot of people were taking pictures of the bears with cameras and they were worried because they didn’t know what the flash was. It was very hard for the bears to get away from the people but they eventually got away. And now that they got away, they could get on with being friends.

Day in the madagascar zoo By Radek

It was sunny day. We went to the zoo in Madagascar. There was big brown Gorilla with worried belly. Another animal was the Lion. Lion was big Beautiful fur. The lion did the hard work, because he could had the rocks on his back. The rocks weight 70 kg. The next animals was the Zebra. My friend used the camera to take some photos. When we saw the shark everyone were saying this shark is very cool but looks scary.Next animal was Seal. Seals were playing with the ball. After Madagascar zoo we went to Hotel called “Hotel Under The Zoo“ Next day after breakfast we back home.

Museum robber


It was a silent night I was a worker in the museum. Suddenly I heard a bang. I looked into my camera and I saw a robber I tried calling police they weren’t working today I was so worried, it was god because my friend is coming to work with me at 12o’clock I had a hard police stick so I ran behind him and hit plus I noticed that he had a beautiful mask it was brown, red and blue. Finally it was 12o’clock. I told my friend ewerything, he told me that there was a police station next door and they were working.

The Bank by Bartek

Everyone was worried.The news van came and took out the camera to film the situation in the Bank.I saw the police van coming.The police men had brown armoured clothes.The beautiful bank turned into a dangerous place.The police were looking for one of the heisters,but he was opening one of the safes.It was too hard for him to open the safe so he took out a revolver and shot the handle and got in.The police got there in time and the heister got caught,and arrested.The police took him out and put him in the police car.and it was all safe again.

Back in time By Ed.

One day in my time machine it went bizarre and sent me back to the Seventies . It was a very strange place ,so I didn’t get out in case it went somewhere else and it did soon . I went back to the sinking of the Titanic . There I saw someone with a lovely camera . I asked if I could hold it and he said yes . It was a hard , beautiful , brown camera . Suddenly I started to get worried ,the ship was sinking . Luckily I got zapped back into the 21 st century just on time . “I had an amazing adventure .” I said to mark . “But you were only gone for 2 seconds .”