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Cat v.s Owner by Adam

Once there was a cat named Fluffy. He loved to eat. One day he decided to eat his owners lunch. When his owner came back all of his lunch,was no longer lunch it was crumbs.  So the owner was thinking about a plan to get back at the cat. He set up a trap with Fluffy’s favourite food,Tuna! The cat couldn’t resist,he ran to the tuna and BANG! The trap shut. But he was not trapped There was a hole! He escaped and the owner came to the trap and it was empty. Out of know where, the cat jumped on his face and started to hit him. The owner was left speechless after that.

2 thoughts on “Cat v.s Owner by Adam”

  1. I think that the owner deserved that! What a terrible trap to set for the poor cat! Well done on your story this week Adam

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