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Month: February 2017

The Lost Shop by Bartek

I was there,the street was empty.The yellow sign said ‘Billy’s Bakery’.I grabbed the rusty handle and walked in gingerly.It was remarkable how the outside of the Bakery is all dirty but the inside is pretty clean.I walked  further into the shop and and I finally found what I wanted…….the office of the bakery.I saw a nice phone on the table…I wanted to take it, however..I discovered a steel safe.The safe was open……I opened it and I took the thing I wanted……It was the recipe for the delicious,crusty bread.I made the bread  at home and everybody was complementing me and I started to sell my bread.

Sacrifice -Maksim

Ahh Help Me! -Said Zeldo
Where are you? Im still gonna get you! -said Unkown
It could of not been Remarkable of what i did -Said Maksim
Then i crouched Gingerly and said to my self why did i steal the crystal now the dragon is after me However i still had an chance to  be forgiven unless i have to sacrifice my soul to the dragon but now ive discovered that if i give the dragon jaffa cakes he will forgive me so then i got a lot of yellow coins and went to the shop but then it was too late.


The sword of Eden by Karim

It was a dark and stormy night, and the remarkable artifact called sword of Eden was being transported to a company called Abstergo. It had a yellow glow which gave it a great power. One day a man  had discovered it  while gingerly  sneaking around Abstergo. He took it, however he didn’t know that there was a camera in the corner above him. The alarm went off and all the guards were alerted, they came to attack him, he used the power of the sword and lightning came out and blasted them away. He ran out of Abstergo and disappeared.

The yellow guerilla by Jack k

One day I was in a zoo.And I was looking at a guerilla and it was yellow ,however it was acting weird.It was trying to get out of its cage.It was breaking its cage I gingerly sneaked over to its cage and I noticed that the guerilla was cut.I discovered that the cage rope was snapped suddenly the guerilla ran out of its cage ,I got scared.The zoo keepers finally caught the guerilla after about an hour and they brought the guerilla to the vet to be healed.It was a fun and scary and happy and most of all a remarkable day.

The Yellow Dog By Abraham

There was a yellow dog. That was famous and lived in BewerlyJewerly Hassle.” The dog was called John Joe Selvey,he loved to eat people, but however if you had meat in your hands and you fed him, then he would like you.” So if you were a stranger and you had no meat you had to walk gingerly into the dogs mansion. The guards  discovered that the dog was a wolf under a digs skin. Everyone were scared and despite that the dog was a wolf know the people know where their animals went. The guards had remarkable way to knock down the wolf so taxes the wolf till the wolf had fainted and they put the wolf in jail.

Yellow giraffe by Niall

Shane was going to the zoo. When he got there he discovered a remarkable yellow giraffe. He walked gingerly to the giraffe. However when he got to him he saw that he had five legs. He asked the zoo keeper if he had always had five legs. The zookeeper said yes he is a special giraffe. Shane asked why it was a secret? The zookeeper said that he was the only one who knew and he couldn’t tell anyone. Shane thought about it everyday. When he got to college there was loads of stuff about the yellow giraffe but no one knew what he did.

The killer by Aurimus

It was a normal day my mom was going to work, when my mom closed the door my sister disappeared I looked out the window my mom disappeared too I went to my room gingerly. I opened the door and I saw my sister on the bed just laughing however, I closed my eye and opened them for a second and she disappeared. I discovered that she was a murderer, there was a yellow page it was actually her funny moments page it was remarkable I laughed so hard that she herd me her eyes were red and then I.

The gigler by Sam Copy

Laughter fills the air here and there.We all had a big laught so hard at our friends. But I do recall a day I laught to hard .My friend Jimmle was a clown.So anyway let me get back to the story. My friend fell on a smooth path and she bashed into a wall then lark fader came along and she got imbarresd her cheeks went red anyway lark fader fell into the pond. Jimmle fell on the path and I had to laught at them. Jimmle laught at lark.Larks mom came along and when she saw him wet she gave out to him Jimmle laught to

The Funny Cat by Michael

one day  my cat was jumping around the place she made me laugh my cat run very funny.She tries to open the door so she can get out .She jump in the air to catch the ball she try to kick the ball to me she run after the ball.She would eat my food and she eats her on food . She takes my biscuits because she is hungry .She attacks me if I don,t give her treats .If she does do that she grounded for three days .Then she cries alot for her treats


Once upon  a time there was a robber called Jimmity . He had a laughing gun. If shot you with it you would never stop laughing I wish he shot batman with the laughing gun. When he robbed a bank instead of people screaming they were laughing . When he reached the main vault he took out hes laughing RPG BOOM . Then he took all the gold and ran the Garda just started laughing at him because The laughing gun looked like a fish . And Jimmity was 4 foot 3 so he look like a lepercon with a fish and a bag of money .

The Spree

it was the Spree.A Spree is when people come from all over the world and entertain us. So me and my mam and my dad and cousin so we all went down to a little band called rang a tang. They were the best band in waterford so me and my cousin went to a show it all ready started when we got down there. They were juggling knifes and then one of them fell of the stage me and my cousin were full of  laughter so then we had to meet up with my mam and dad. Then we went to MacDonalds .

The farting fosil

One day an old man found a fosil. He pick it up and then it farted SO LOUD it noked his hearinads. Quickly  the old man ran to the museum but the fosil farted and noked the old man down. Then a walking under pants. Then the under pants went on a rampage BANG THE FOSIL FARTED and then a car crashed. Then i saw a darth vader walked out of the car and said I WILL KILL YOU ALL. The fosil farted and send us all to space. I saw a nappy floting around the fosil farted and killed US ALL

Cat v.s Owner by Adam

Once there was a cat named Fluffy. He loved to eat. One day he decided to eat his owners lunch. When his owner came back all of his lunch,was no longer lunch it was crumbs.  So the owner was thinking about a plan to get back at the cat. He set up a trap with Fluffy’s favourite food,Tuna! The cat couldn’t resist,he ran to the tuna and BANG! The trap shut. But he was not trapped There was a hole! He escaped and the owner came to the trap and it was empty. Out of know where, the cat jumped on his face and started to hit him. The owner was left speechless after that.

Sir Bobingtons castle by evan

Once upon a time there lived a king in a funny land . It couldn’t of been any funnier around. In the castle there was a guest that came to give the king a pie . The king took a slice of the pie, threw the pie at the jester and then took a bite of the pie. Suddenly everything went colourful and as Sir Bobington flew out the window rainbow’s came out of his butt. He flew over the city and fell in to someone’s window and Sir Bobington landed in the toilet. He flushed himself down the toilet and was back in the castle.

The moon by Reyad

It was the day me and my friend were going to the moon. My friend wanted to buy some food so we went to the supermarket. Some honked there car at my friend he  looked behind me it was his other friend he kept on walking bang he banged on  the pole.My friend dizzy he banged on the pole again.He tought he broke his nose.He bought beans and a football there was a old woman walking down with  her chiken burgur  the path I kicked the ball high and it fell on her burgur my friend ate his beans we were in the roket so we took off.We were on the moon there was a big monster that got me my friend was hinding in the roket he farted the monster go him.

My Funny Cat by Eoin

My cat is very funny. She is a really playful cat and loves running around the house. One day, she ran in and out of the house for a whole hour! And my dad got SO annoyed he locked her in the house for a whole day and said to her, “Try get out now!” Another thing my cat loves to do is climb. She climbs on EVERYTHING! On the chairs, on the kitchen table, in the trees and even on my dad when he sits down! Then one day, my cat fell out of a tree and I didn’t see her climb since!

The Laughing Day By Radek

It was sunny day. I went to my friend Billy. He was on the farm. We went to the hens for some eggs. When we wait for eggs we heard a fart. The hen lay the eggs. We went to collect some milk. When Billy finish we went to the home to give the milk to the cat. Cat was slapping, shouting and hitting his chest. (Cat was monkey) We were laughter of the cat. When I back to home I saw a Billy`s cat she was slapping the ground because she saw me. I call Billy to collect his cat. I was laughing whole day about the monkey cat.

The patch by Brian

Hi my name is Rylo. I’m all about laughter, its my middle name! Let me tell you a really funny story. Once I was watching a Man UTD. match and at the stadium there was a man and his little child was sitting behind him [P.S the man had a large bald patch] I was really enjoying the game especially when Pogba scored[ who’d a thought turkeys could play football! So a bit more about the man. So the child was asking his dad something and his dad turned and you could see his bald patch, and Some Arsenal player took a shot and missed and got him in the bald patch!!

The funny face by Dan

One day like anyother day. three people were playing a game of try noy to laugh. One person was making a really funny face.  .The other two people one the one of the two people were laughing  theother person was not laughing it’s like he has no happines inside him. But then the face came alive they ran for it the face was so funny the were dieing with  laughter they were running away. One of the people ran to hide you can’t hide away from the face so they were thinking of a plan one person was the dictraction and the other the were going to hit him with a plank of wood they hit him he died.


One time long long ago there was a dinosaur that was really fearsome,bloodthirsty always ready to fight to his kingdom he ruled trough fear.He had a throne room in his kingdom that only he was allowed to go inside.But all the dinosaurs thought it was a torture chamber but really it was a disco room where he loved to dance with fossils.his favourite dance was called the fearsome boogie.And he loved to call himself boogie storm.But one time a pack of pterodactyls tried to attack the kingdom and they went in to the kings disco room and instead of dancing they had a dance off and the king dinosaur won!!!!