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one hot summer days by Michael

So one hot summer day Jake was going on his holidays .His flight was at   nine forty five am but it was changed to one fithteen pm .He was packing his clothes into hia bag after he put on  his mauve ann cut of steel t/shirt he was leaving his house he cut his t/shirt but he went into a field of carrots and was very tearful .Then he to the airport for his flight. He then left to London he was very happy he was in the sky. Then he was in London but he was going under the sea to look at fish /sharks/starfish/ whales .Then he got photos with all of them he wanted to go again.

2 thoughts on “one hot summer days by Michael”

  1. Sounds like Jake had himself a pretty awesome holiday there Michael! Isn’t that often the case, that you enjoy a holiday so much that as soon as it’s over you want to go again! Keep up the good work!

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