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Month: January 2017

The Boat Forest

It was a stormy day in Boat Forest. All the trees were falling down on the people and the boats. All the people went inside their boats. The boats were badly damaged. The people were very annoyed and they wanted to stop this. So they got the wood from the trees that fell. They started to build houses in the forest. But that didn’t go well. The lighting struck on the houses and it started to burn. One by one the houses burned down. So the people went in their boats and slept there. When they awoke the storm was gone. And all the fire was gone.


the god by Aurimas

It was a summer day me and my dad were going fishing wth a boat, and I saw something in the distance it was an island but then it all evaporated into the sky and we were in the boat in the lost ruins city It was zues who made us to come here but why thats the quesion? Devils with horses we ran ran we saw a tower we hid in there they searched ewery where. Except the towers it was the zues tower only the kind could come there there as a statue and I pressed it and all the devils disapeared and the god.

The Tragic Trip By Bartek

My dad organized a trip to a little swamp and we will travel in a boat with other tourists.While we were on I way I took some pictures of the sky because it was so nice there.There was a man that brought us and other people there.The boats were smaller then I thought.We boarded the boat one by one.The man unlocked the the thick rope and we  began the journey.Soon We began to realize that the trees were getting taller, but it wasn’t the trees it was the water.Then the boat touched the ground and we stopped. Everybody was terrified…..And then we heard a plane fly over us and we started waving.Next thing we saw was a helicopter landing beside us.It was the rescue helicopter and he took us and we were safe.




Surprise birthday party by Jack.k

One cold a dark night David was one his dads boat with his dad.They were traveling from England to Spain by boat.Suddenly the waves were pushing the boat all over the place David got scared because its his birthday tomorrow and their going to Spain for his party.His dad said came down its ok so it stopped after a few minutes they woke up the next day they were in a forest in the boat.They were puzzled his dad had a surprise with the rest of his David Suddenly they all popped out and shouted Happy birthday it was a brilliant birthday.

Buying a boat by Niall

Ryan was living near a lakeside. He always wanted to buy a boat to sail in. When he got enough money €500 he decided he would by one. He went on done deal to see if he could get a boat. When he went onto the sight he saw a lovely picture with five boats in it. All five boats only cost  €600. Ryan decided he would save up another one hundred euro. When he got another one hundred euro he rang the person who owns them. They said what one out of the five do you want. He thought he got five but he only got one.

Pandora’s box by karim

It was January 21st 1927. Gavin and James were going out to sea. They came across an artifact in the middle of the north side of the Pacific. It was called the Pandora’s box. An artifact that could cause great goodness but also destruction. Suddenly out of nowhere came a hurricane, It swept their ship into a jungle. Somehow Gavin and James survived the hurricane. They left their ship and went searching for food. Then they saw so much food and water, it could last them years. They found a house there with everything they needed . It was the Pandora’s box that caused all this.


Sheepnado -Maksim

Once in a small nice windy forest there was 4 ships wich were full of sheeps and once a mad scientist named MADPANVAN invented a weather machine so he can mess with it and he wanted so he made a tornado go through the small forest and ALL  THE SHEEP went flying like crazyy! the people in the city beside the forerst were terrified of the flying sheep and even some fell and thankfully landed in the swimming pools were people were in! some sheep even busted through roofs and the scientist was never punished becuase no one knew it was him and so then a sheep found him and putted him in boat and made the tornado go to him


Fishing camp by Abraham


There was a little boy called Jack. He loved to fish and his birthday was in 2 weeks. So his parent’s decided to give him a big good surprise. Jack bothered his parent’s about his birthday. But he didn’t know about his parent’s plans. 2 weeks went passed. And little Jack’s birthday was here. Jack was happy about his birthday but he still thought that his parent’s forgot about his birthday. Later on Jack’s parent’s told him about the fishing and Jack smiled in delight. After Jack set off to the woods with his parent’s and there was three boats. Jack got to pick which one they wanted.


Man of steel by jj

It was a dark winter night. There was news going around the city that the government were making a new superhero called Man of steel.                        The project was under the command of the Prime Minister called Jacky Chan he had black hair and was good at Kung Fu. The man of steel gets his power from eating carrots and rice. The color of his superhero suit was mauve and the color of his sleeve were orange. There was a little problem his superhero suit was too tight so any time when he bends down it makes him tearful and he was funny .

Haunted House by Reyad

It was a cold sday.Me and my brother were  painting.After painting we were both hungry.I went undder the steel table to get mauve carrots when I reached for the carrots I bangged my head on the table my brother was laughing so much he was tearful so my brother was cooking we both ate.We went back painting we heard someone on the door I went on the cctv camera to check who was there there was nobody there. I got out of the house I went to my other brother house we ate over there and we watched a film. TO BE CONTINUED.


one hot summer days by Michael

So one hot summer day Jake was going on his holidays .His flight was at   nine forty five am but it was changed to one fithteen pm .He was packing his clothes into hia bag after he put on  his mauve ann cut of steel t/shirt he was leaving his house he cut his t/shirt but he went into a field of carrots and was very tearful .Then he to the airport for his flight. He then left to London he was very happy he was in the sky. Then he was in London but he was going under the sea to look at fish /sharks/starfish/ whales .Then he got photos with all of them he wanted to go again.

jhon,s best dayn Arthur

One day Jhon was going to woorck his boss cald him and told him he.He had to mend steel after mending steel it was lunch time he had cartos fowr lunch when hegot home he toock off his mauve.Jacket.under his pillo there was a $199 he was so happy.Jhon went to the shop and baught 2 arsnl jursy it cost hip $44 each.he went to the hospaital to visit his nany the hospaital was 9km away he drove it toock him 39 mins when he got there.he was so happy when he got there he went up to the 5th flor and he met his nanny and they lived happly ever after.


On the internet there lots of trolls and frods . But one of the biggest is the carrots ye the were carrots MAUVE. Its call the carrots frod .He would steel money off people online . When they came there mauve there were meant  to be gold .He would leave tearful . When your going to the fridge and look under in the freezer there would be golden carrots . R.I.P the golden carrot.

The Magic Horse by Adam

Once there was a magic horse named Johnybimblue. He could run as fast as a Bugatti. Thats twohundred and fiffty three miles an hour!! But like any horse, he lives (under) the roof of a nice,warm stable. And like any horse, he eats nice crunchy (carrots). He wore (mauve) armor and a brown saddle. He wore (steel) hooves that give him speed. But his speed ran out. Nothing seemed wrong,until the magic gem was stolen. His enemy Bibleybob stole it. If they wanted to get it back they would have to steal it. They set off,thinking they will get it back but… everyone was (tearful). The horse never got his magic back.

president by shane

Once there was a city called Mauve city .One night there was an election underway.The man they all loved was MR.Steel Carrots . The man they all hated was MR.Farts because she smells like farts .So you can all guess Mr.Stell carrots has now been allected for president.But Mr.Farts had known he wasnt going to be allected so under the building was a gas tank that smelled like farts.Which MR.Farts put there to knock out everyone in the building for 1000 years so he could be president but he turned very tearful because he got arrested for murder so el macho taco is now president and made everyone Mexican.

The Plate by Habib

It was a terrible day for Zack. He kept on falling down. He was fed up of this so he decided to make a shiny mauve plate. This plate will help you stand upright and you will never fall. So he made a start on this plate. Zack said it will be a strong steel plate. And very sturdy. Under the plate there will be squished carrots to make it stand still. After 2 years Zack finished the strong,  shiny,sturdy and mauve plate. It was magnificent. He was very proud of his work. He went outside to test it. It didn’t work. He still fell over. Zack was tearful. He was so angry that he broke the plate.

The Mauve Carrots by Sam

I am a gardener for a very old man, he has an incredible garden and grows lots of different vegetable’s . He collects seeds form all over the world. On his recent visit to Peru he came back with very odd looking seeds indeed. On the packet it said “Mauve Carrots” . I prepared the bed for these seeds Under the old shed, so that they could get lots of sun shine. When they were ready and i pulled them up to my surprise they were Steel, the old man got very Tearful when the last one was pulled up because he knew that was the last of the Mauve Carrots

The odd duck by Evan

One day me and my friend Billy went to the park to feed the ducks. On the way down the path , we saw an odd looking duck in the fountain. We found a stick on the ground and we hooked the duck out. It was made out of steel and I put it in my backpack. We fed the real ducks carrots and ran home to have a look at what we found. Billy put the duck on the table and his dog jumped up to eat it. Suddenly the duck shot mauve lasers out of it mouth and the dog ran under the table with a tearful face.

The Gardener by Keith

It was a nice sunny day on Jack’s farm. The carrots where growing nice and fast, just in time for the vegatable contest next week. On the day of the contest the sky was nice and mauve. Jack brought his vegetables in his steel wheelbarrow. When he got there he put them on display and sat under a tree and had a cup of tea. When the judges were about to announce the winner, everyone was sitting down silently waiting to see who won. The judges called out Jack as the winner, he was tearful when he went to collect his award because he was so happy.

The End.

Billy and the rabbits by Dan

There once lived a rabbit and his wife and four kids. One day he went off to get some carrots for his children for dinner.  There was a man named Billy, he saw the rabbits and he took them home with him. He met his friend on the way home who was wearing a mauve jumper. When he reached home he saw his dad working on a steel car. His dad got angry when he saw him with the wild rabbits. The rabbits got a fright and went under the car and Billy was tearful when the rabbits ran to their burrow.