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titan monsters by dan

It is nearly 2017 I heard bad things about 2017. People heard that there will be a bad year people will die and survive some will get injured . In 2017 I hope i will survive 6 months later 1 day to go. then they came they were everywhere we were doomed I heard it already.  I ran to see what was attacking us  it was terrible titan monsters attacking the city my town I new what i need to do i went to the army . They were scared of the titan monsters I went up yo them and told a story that help them we went we were fighting we won  to be continued

3 thoughts on “titan monsters by dan”

  1. What an eventful story Dan! That must have been some story that you told the army, that they were able to go out and win the fight! Good story, well done!

  2. Hi Dan
    That was a really good story
    I liked the way you said about yourself how you can win the war
    It reminded me of one of my friend’s story
    It got me wondering what will happen next
    Please comment back on mine and have a jolly Christmas
    Mrs Boyce class

  3. Hi Dan.
    amazing story.
    Do you think 2017 will be a great year cause I do?
    Hope you have a great Christmas.
    Kyle 5th Mrs Boyce’s class

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