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chrims 2017.By Arthur

In 2017 Ihope All my famly come to 2017 chrimas.Chrims is not abought presnts.Itis all abought having fun with your famaly.And play gams like just dans wich is some much fun.And have diner with your famaly.And wach films like sthrwars,ironman.and go out side to play fot ball,bascet ballgo resing on bikes scoters.thben go in side to wach tv and rap the presnts.And gote to bead untail the moring and the kids wake up the hole famley. and they say santy came after opning presnts.we all have brekfast and go get drest and wo go out and make snow balls and make snow mean.

5 thoughts on “chrims 2017.By Arthur”

  1. I think that you have summed up Christmas perfectly right there, Arthur – Christmas is all about family. That’s the most important thing. The presents are nice, sure they are, but there is no better gift than to be able to sit down with your family and enjoy time with them. Superb story, well done!

  2. Hi Arthur.
    amazing story.
    you made a few mistakes don’t worry I make mistake’s too.
    I hope your Christmas will be excellent.
    Kyle 5th Mrs boyces class

  3. Hi Arthur, that was a great story.
    You were right Christmas is all about family.
    I really hope that your New Years wishes come through.
    Keep up the good work.
    Shane C 5th Mrs. Boyces class county Cork.

  4. Hello Arthur.
    This story was really good but you had a few mistakes but it does not matter everyone makes mistakes even me.
    This reminds me of my family but it does not snow much here in Ireland .
    Please comment on my story it is called in 2017 it about how the homeless People get a home for Christmas and at least for a month and another one is About the criminal gangs scaring away the people that are on there holidays.
    do you make snow men and snow balls in in Ireland.
    your sincerely Julius mrs Boyces class .

  5. Hi Arthur.
    This was a good story.
    I hope you have a good Christmas.
    It seems fun.
    Merry Christmas from sean mc s mrs boyces class

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