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The house by Reyad

Hi guys my name is Ryan. I am 20 years old since I was 7 I told my parent I am going to buy you house. I was really hoping to buy them  a house in 2016 but I cant because i din”t have a lot of money. I hope in  2017 I will be able to buy them a house. Few months later I had enough money I bought the house . I went to pick  my mum and my dad I bought them to the new house. They thought it was my house but it was their house I told them its your house. They were so happy that they were crying I never so my parent that happy before

3 thoughts on “The house by Reyad”

  1. Hi Reyad,
    What a lovely thing to do – to buy your parents a house.
    I’d say they are very proud of you.
    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas & enjoy the holidays.
    Mrs Boyce.

  2. What a really lovely, heart warming story! And how generous of you to buy your parents a house. Wonderful story, well done Reyad!

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