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The Hope by Habib

Once there was a little boy who saw the news one day. He was so sad to hear about the war news in the world. This little boy wanted to stop these wars by writing a letter to the world, this is the letter. In 2017 I hope there is no more wars only peace. I hope there’s no bombing in every country,and there is peace. I hope there’s no car crashes or killing in every single country, just peace. I hope every country treats each other fairly not rudely. I hope for all these things, and if you get this letter, In 2017 I hope for peace and equality. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “The Hope by Habib”

  1. Wow, Habib. What a really wonderfully written story with some really lovely thoughts in there too. Peace and equality – top of the Christmas list, which is where they should be. Super work, well done!

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