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Hello my name is bob.I have planted a bomb to set of in 2017. I hope in 2017 it will set off.I have a dog called pudding. My perents were coming over for christmas dinner .When they came over they said hello bob how are you doing they said. My dad put gravey all over my dog and my dog ate my mam and dad. One year later my bomb set off and the hole town whent bye bye and my dog died  sadle but it was christmas so be happy  merry christmas evry body  and happy new year evry body bye

1 thought on “THE BIG BOMB”

  1. Hmmm…. Christmas, a time for joy and happiness and forgiving… and you’re planting a bomb Ryan?!!? Oh dear! And whatever possessed your dog to eat your poor mam and dad! Very imaginative story, well done!

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