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For 2017 by Lennon

What is Lennon hoping for???

In 2017 I hope for peace and more people living and no wars.We would all be happy if we all got peace.In 2017 I hope for a better season in gymnastics;One of the biggest things is for a coaching season for me;In 2017 I hope to become a better gymnast and a better child this year;In 2017 I most of all hope for peace , no fighting and not as much arguements as people have now a day. Imagine if there were no wars Thias story was writen from my heart please no wars by Lenon this is what I really hope for.

2 thoughts on “For 2017 by Lennon”

  1. Well done Lennon. That’s a great thing to wish for. I think every body would agree with you about wars. We can help make that wish come true.
    Keep up the great work.
    Ms Brennock

  2. Your story reminds me of someone who shares your name, Lennon – John Lennon, who wrote a beautiful song called “Imagine”, all about no more war, and people living in peace. Great work, well done!

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