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Back from the Dead by Eoin

One day, in a world where a wish would never come true,a boy was at his granddads funeral.This was a weird world,where the New Year was Christmas,and the only time that a wish could come true.”In 2017 I hope,” the boy said”I hope my grandfather comes back.”2017 soon came,and the boy was waiting for days,but his granddad was nowhere to be seen.The boy was still waiting,months after his wish,but still his granddad never came.The boy visited his granddads grave 5 times a week,sometimes 6 times a week,because he missed him dearly.He was down at his granddads grave,when a miracle happened,the boys granddad appeared from the grave!

3 thoughts on “Back from the Dead by Eoin”

  1. Oh my goodness! I wonder what that would be like, to have somebody you love come back from the dead. I think it might be a bit scary. Although it’s very hard to miss somebody so much too.
    I like the idea in your story of a land where wishes don’t come true.
    Great story Eoin.

  2. Wow, your story is both creepy and heart warming at the same time, Eoin! Wishes not coming true is an interesting idea, and I can understand the boy’s wish to see his granddad again. A lot of people who choose that wish if they had one. Great story, well done!

  3. Eoin, I felt so sad reading this story. I can imagine the yearning the young boy had for his grandad. Your story had a twist though when his grandfather reappeared. I wasn’t expecting it – and I’m guessing the boy wasn’t either. Maybe it was just his imagination?

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